Never-ending Dreams!!!!

Hey Guys,

I’m back again after a busy few days and thought I would touch base since I am have been having certain feelings lately. I am going to try and make this as not sad as possible haha. But basically I don’t know if you guys ever have this feeling of, that your dreams are too far out of reach to achieve. I know all dreams are achievable and you just have to put your mind to it. But do you ever find it overwhelmingly difficult, to ever think that abut yourself? That you could possibly reach your dreams? For me I feel as if this feeling stems from, me having my hands and feet dipped into too many things. And what I mean by that is I want to start a brand, but I also want to live in another country. I also want to travel the entire world. I feel like at the end of the day I want it all and it completely overwhelms me.

A lot of the time, I think I just find it really difficult to break down what I want most and to map out the little steps in order to achieve that big dream. But I also know I am just the most incredibly impatient person, and that is seriously probably half my issue. The other half is I always feel as if I am in a rush to prove people wrong, and because of that I always feel as if my progress is never good enough.

I think at the end of the day, we live in a technological age and patience let’s be real not all of us have it. And we always define success with the amount of money we have that we are all in a race, to get there and in the meantime forget our journey. If I’m going to be honest the idea of not having a career and not being successful, is something that terrifies me. Not having a purpose is my absolute and undeniable biggest fear, and I feel like if I’m not creating something amazing then that’s what I’m doing. Living a life without purpose.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have similar feelings?

Carly 🙂


Spring Outfit Ideas!!!!!

Hey Guys,

I’m back but this time the post is more fashion related, I have just put together three outfits that I think will be lovely in the spring time. So i’ll just get into it below.


The first outfit we have is of course showcasing, the oversized denim jacket. Which I absolutely adore and tbh I usually wear this all year round. I will first leave the name of the stores where I got all the items from and then I will get into, what I love most about the outfit.

Western denim Jacket- Princess Polly $85

Merci oversized t-shirt- White Fox $54.95

Black Ripped washed black Skinny Jeans- Ghanda $45

Gazelle Adidas Shoes- $120

Now I love any outfit that involves a denim jacket just because I think it pulls together just any outfit. In addition, I absolutely love black skinny jeans. However, lately the slightly washed out black jeans are what I have been absolutely loving I just feel as if it makes the outfit a little less plain. Also those specific jeans from Ghanda are soooo friggin’ comfy I recommend you guys get a hand on a pair. Also, I love the merci t-shirt, however, I will say if you do get a t-shirt like this I recommend getting it in a different colour just because the white get soo dirty easily and I don’t even wear it that much. Also the shoes, need I say more about those.


This next one, is an outfit I absolutely love and will definitely be wearing it a lot this season.

Zara Overalls- $100

Calvin Klein Bra- $50

Zara Shoes- ( I bought these ages ago and actually cannot remember how much they were)

GMS silver Rings- $10-20

Tiffany and Co Bracelet- $200

Tiffany and Co Necklace $200

Overalls are completely making a comeback in any way possible, and it is amazing because it seriously makes the outfit so much easier. You practically only have to remember one item. I usually pair any Calvin Klein little bra underneath, I just think it adds something a little bit different to the outfit rather than, having too much going on. I think it is important to remember that you can keep fashion simple, yet effective and stylish.


The last one is actually one of my personal favourites.

Red Top Factorie- $30

Ghanda black ripped washed Skinny Jean- $45

Pull and Bear Sneakers- ( I got them for 10 euro)

Prada Black Bag- $2400

Tiffany and Co Bracelet- $200

Tiffany and Co necklace- $200

GMS Silver Rings- $10-20

This last outfit has one of my absolute most favourite things ever and that is a pop of red. Having that little spice of colour, can completely change your outfit. And can make a seemingly average outfit have that special x- factor. That is the most important thing to remember when it comes to fashion, is that the whole outfit does not have to be wow. You can just have one or two items that really speak for themselves. That is what I feel I have achieved here. Also, you can use any black bag, I just went and got my Prada one but it really doesn’t matter I just felt a black bag compliments this outfit nicely.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my blog post and I might be able to do, more fashion kind of ones if you guys like them. So let me know what you think and I can keep coming up with fab outfit ideas.

Carly 🙂

Ruts, Dreams and Stress!!!!

Hey Guys,

I know I said I was going to write a more beauty oriented blog post today. But I have had this extreme overwhelming feeling today of been a bit of a failure and feeling as if my life isn’t moving forward. I know the story that sometimes in life you have to take a few steps back, and then go a few steps forward. I try my absolute hardest to be as positive as possible on this blog. However, this was just a feeling I felt I really could not ignore.

I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but do you ever feel as if you aren’t really moving forward in life and you aren’t really achieving anything and you are sort of just there. That is basically where I am at now. Because I guess in order for me to feel like I’m going to the next level in life, I need to have quite a bit of money saved up. Hence, why for the moment before I save up any money I really to just need to work and exist, instead of thriving for the moment. Which if you are incredibly impatient like me, can be a seriously hard thing to do. I do feel as if I find it difficult to just wait things out and not rush into anything too fast, before I am done living.

I also feel, because I am incredibly creative and do want ways for that creativity to come up and I know there are tonnes of work I really want to do on my blog, for it to get to the stage that I want it to be at. I have all these creative ideas, and ways that I want to express that, and sometimes I feel like I completely lack the execution of it. Or that there is literally 100 things and ideas running through my head. And there is just too many thoughts going around that even getting out one creative idea, can feel like a million things going on.

I definitely want better and more creative photography on my blog, and I sort of just feel like right now I’m not really achieving that. So I guess no. 1 of me not feeling as if I am a complete failure that is wasting away, would be to start getting more creative and getting my ideas out there. It would be to find a way to take those fashion shots, to really get my creative energy out there. And I would completely love to get a fashion post of a bunch of outfits out there, because let me tell you that fashion really is my damn passion. But it would require me to try and find a photographer and to get a concept of outfits together (which would be my dream tbh) but that also means a significant amount of money. And sometimes I feel that is what is holding me back, is the shear amount of money I feel like it will cost me. And it may be money that I feel as if I don’t have.

But at the end of the day it will be something that makes me incredibly happy, and therefore to some extent extremely worth it. After I go and feel incredibly guilty about how much I spent (crying face emoticon).  Gosh I really feel as if I just went on another random ramble again with this post. But seriously if anyone knows what I am talking about help a girl out over here. Give me advice or anything I would seriously appreciate it.

Do any of you feel like this?

Carly 🙂

New Job. New Beginnings!!!

Hey Guys,

I’m back again after a decent break off. But I have some seriously awesome news and that is I have finally found a job down at my parents.  Which literally makes me sooo happy since I seriously need the money at this point and my birthday is coming up so having money would just be nice tbh. And in addition to that, they seriously are the most incredible bosses I have ever had in the history of bosses. I honestly have no idea, what I did to deserve bosses and the ability to have a job like this, but I am so insanely grateful for it.

This brings me into what I am wanting to discuss this blog post and that is attitude and your character. When I was younger and I would do jobs or any task in life, I always thought it was about how well you did the task, to whether your boss liked you. But the older I have gotten the more I have begun to realise that it is all about your attitude as an employee. If you do an awesome job, but in the process you are mean to staff or just in general are not being a kind person, then the boss is honestly less likely to want to keep you in the business.  But if you mess up a million times, but are constantly trying your best and giving it your all and in the process are being an all round super nice person. They are likely to want to keep working with you.

It’s weird because I feel like when we were younger our whole lives, we are told we need to be good at this and that, but no one ever tells us that a good character is important. Being able to understand others points of view and making others want to come to work and want to be their best selves. Is likely to get you further.

It really shows with my most recent boss,  there is an employee there who just really isn’t that nice to staff, although she is really good at her job. The boss, you can tell just doesn’t like her at all, because of how she treats other people. As in you should treat the bosses and employees with the same amount of respect if you want to get anywhere in life in general.

I sort of feel like this post totally seemed to have no purpose and I went on a complete tangent, but tomorrow a more beauty oriented post will be up. Just because I have been buying up a bunch of makeup recently.

Do you have any life advice?


Carly 🙂

Fears, Failures and Success!!!!

Hey Guys,

Here I go again, posting again. I honestly have no day job at the moment and I have a lot of time to think so that means seriously frequent posts. This post I am going to talk about, fear in terms of fear of the future, and failing to live in the present enough and always worrying about what will happen. I’m pretty sure I have probably mentioned this before on my blog, that independence and feel like I am moving forward in life is extremely important for me. So when I feel as if I am wasting my day and when I feel as I can’t reach success. I’m not even sure if I am making a lot of sense right now. But what I mean is, I feel as if I am not working towards a long term and sustainable goal to work towards as such. And by that I mean career goals.

If I am going to be honest I am an incredibly impatient person, and so not having immediate success is quite frustrating (obviously nothing ever has immediate success in general). But because what I’m doing isn’t what society is thinking is success it sometimes stresses me out. I know what you are thinking and honestly I always preach about it to. That you should just do you. And not worry about the opinions of others and find what makes you happy. But I also do think everyone has one of those days where you just feel unsuccessful, you just doubt yourself and you feel as if you are just not doing enough. And I guess that is my mood right now.

Because I feel as if i have big dreams and because they will often take time and involve taking baby steps, it can be seen that maybe I’m not making any progress. Like it can seem as if I am no moving forward in life and that is a huge fear of mine. I do want to have goals and I do want to have a career, because I absolutely love working and the thought of not having any of that terrifies me.

Do you guys have similar feelings?

Carly 🙂

Roadblocks and Redirections!!!!

Hey Guys,

Today I honestly write a less happy post, have you ever wanted something with your entire heart and everything within you, but somehow it just never worked out. That’s how I feel right now.

When I first went on a holiday to Hawaii, it felt as if I had arrived at home like that was the place where I was meant to be. The mountains, the scenery and just the culture. I just fell in love and I still think about it everyday. And how lucky those people are that were born there and get to live there. So obviously I really wanted to go back for an extended period of time. And I thought I had completely lucked out because I found a visa that I was (well I thought I was), eligible for. So I got incredibly excited and began saving up incredibly hard, and my motivator became, to get the visa.

Well, obviously it did not go to plan at all, I mean when does it ever. And it absolutely crushed me for a moment, because everything I felt I had worked towards up until this moment felt like a waste of time, and a waste of money. I don’t know how many of you guys really believe in astrology, but my star sign Scorpio for the month of October is supposed to be the incredibly lucky. And in that moment I literally felt like why the heck does the world always have to go against me.

And then all of a sudden it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I’m not even sure how it happened but it is like my brain just suddenly went no we’re not crying over this we are coming up with a solution. So I did a little research and I can stay in Hawaii on a tourist visa for a maximum of 90 days, so I’ll just go ahead and do that, doing a little volunteering and then a little holidaying as well, might as well just go crazy and visit all the islands. And then go to UK on a working holiday visa to do a bunch of work and holidaying around, just to top up my funds since I’ll probably end up incredibly poor after Hawaii. And then I would love to travel around Europe a little more and see all the countries that are by England and everything because I just think it would be an incredibly enriching and amazing experience.

From there hopefully once I have travelled around there a bit, I will eventually make my way to Canada on a working holiday visa as well. Because Canada is just absolutely incredible and I can just imagine the amazing scenery that I will see when I am there. And then do some amazing travel around Canada. Then eventually I want to make my way back, to the mainland America and do heaps of travelling around there for three months. And then do a little more world wide travelling hopefully going to Bora Bora or even the Bahamas. Eventually trying to make my way back to Australia but not before stopping of at Ubud in Bali on the way back.

So hopefully this somehow goes a little according to plan. But use this as an example of a way to live as if everything is rigged in your favour!!!!

Have you ever has to redirect your life?

Carly 🙂

Steps to living your best life!!!

Steps to living your best life!!!

Hey Guys,

Today I actually left my house to do something (just a shocking even in general). So I thought I would just share a little bit of my day with you guys. As time goes on I am starting to realise, how much I really couldn’t care less for materialistic things. I used to think the more that I shopped and the more that I bought, the happier I was overall becoming. But it was such a short term temporary happiness. Afterwards, I often felt guilt and then I would look at my bank account and wow. I would usually get even a little sadder.

So more recently I have decided to just get out of my comfort zone and get out there. Stop staying in my safe little bubble and start experiencing things. The only things you regret are the things you never do. I never went out and just enjoyed mother nature. I never just sat by a beach and enjoyed the waves as they came in. I was always so busy preoccupying my brain with everything I didn’t have I just forgot, to enjoy all the things I did have.

I am just going to insert some pictures of my little adventure today below, so you can enjoy the pics whilst I continue with my rant. :p :p

As you can see, I went to some stunning beaches, and I am honestly so glad that is how I decided to spend my time today. I am usually a little afraid to go driving in areas I haven’t been to alone, but I decided to make it my best life. And therefore decided to just screw it and go and enjoy myself.

I first went to fisherman’s bay which was crazy awesome, but I didn’t get to walk alone the beach because well (phobia of dogs). But I did get a nice look at. In addition to that, my journey there was a little bit weird, in the sense that the bloody GPS took me on some road. That honestly wasn’t even really a road, it was some dirt track that nearly punctured holes in the bottom of my tyres. But all was well, because I managed to get myself there safely.

Lastly, after visiting fisherman’s beach I decided you know what might as well see a little of the great ocean road and visit bells beach. And oh my, was I happy that I made that decision. It was seriously one of the nicest beaches I have ever been to, and I felt so happy being in the midst of such great beauty. It really puts into perspective the small place you occupy on this earth.

But all in all, that was my incredible and slightly adventurous day. What will you do tomorrow that takes you out of your comfort zone?

Carly 🙂