Being a Better You!!!!

Hey Guys,

It’s me again, and I know in my last post and honestly in a lot of posts. I’m continually talking about updating and changing my blog and that change is coming believe me. I am working on developing an entirely new and improved blog that is going to seriously have my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears poured into it. But the change, is also definitely going to be slow moving, one of the reasons is just a money issue. Because I need the website to be hosted by someone, so basically in the next month I should hopefully have it up and running. In addition, I also need to go out and get nice awesome pictured for the blog so all up this is going to take me a bit. But rest assured I am definitely going to seriously be improving my blog.

Now with that, little disclaimer out of the way I am still going to be writing on this blog because well, I need to get my feelings out in the world somehow ahahha. But seriously, I just love writing on here so I am just going to keep doing it.

Today, I am going to talk about developing yourself. This is honestly does sound so cliche, but it is also something that I believe is incredibly important. As human beings, I do think we spend a lot of our time looking for that perfect partner or just in general surrounding ourselves with a lot of people, to make ourselves feel better. But I really do honestly think, there is also beauty in taking time out for yourself and taking a step back. And working on making yourself a better person. I think no matter who you are, there is always room for improvement and you can always develop who you are as a person.

One of the most important ways to do this, is to spend some time alone. It is human nature that when we need validation we surround ourselves with people, to sort of make ourselves feel better, But at the same time, we are never getting to really know ourselves. We are never developing on our own as a person, and therefore your values and beliefs can be largely shaped by others beliefs. Instead of developing your own set of morals that sticks to your truth.

What do you guys think?

Carly 🙂


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