Spring Outfit Ideas!!!!!

Hey Guys,

I’m back but this time the post is more fashion related, I have just put together three outfits that I think will be lovely in the spring time. So i’ll just get into it below.


The first outfit we have is of course showcasing, the oversized denim jacket. Which I absolutely adore and tbh I usually wear this all year round. I will first leave the name of the stores where I got all the items from and then I will get into, what I love most about the outfit.

Western denim Jacket- Princess Polly $85

Merci oversized t-shirt- White Fox $54.95

Black Ripped washed black Skinny Jeans- Ghanda $45

Gazelle Adidas Shoes- $120

Now I love any outfit that involves a denim jacket just because I think it pulls together just any outfit. In addition, I absolutely love black skinny jeans. However, lately the slightly washed out black jeans are what I have been absolutely loving I just feel as if it makes the outfit a little less plain. Also those specific jeans from Ghanda are soooo friggin’ comfy I recommend you guys get a hand on a pair. Also, I love the merci t-shirt, however, I will say if you do get a t-shirt like this I recommend getting it in a different colour just because the white get soo dirty easily and I don’t even wear it that much. Also the shoes, need I say more about those.


This next one, is an outfit I absolutely love and will definitely be wearing it a lot this season.

Zara Overalls- $100

Calvin Klein Bra- $50

Zara Shoes- ( I bought these ages ago and actually cannot remember how much they were)

GMS silver Rings- $10-20

Tiffany and Co Bracelet- $200

Tiffany and Co Necklace $200

Overalls are completely making a comeback in any way possible, and it is amazing because it seriously makes the outfit so much easier. You practically only have to remember one item. I usually pair any Calvin Klein little bra underneath, I just think it adds something a little bit different to the outfit rather than, having too much going on. I think it is important to remember that you can keep fashion simple, yet effective and stylish.


The last one is actually one of my personal favourites.

Red Top Factorie- $30

Ghanda black ripped washed Skinny Jean- $45

Pull and Bear Sneakers- ( I got them for 10 euro)

Prada Black Bag- $2400

Tiffany and Co Bracelet- $200

Tiffany and Co necklace- $200

GMS Silver Rings- $10-20

This last outfit has one of my absolute most favourite things ever and that is a pop of red. Having that little spice of colour, can completely change your outfit. And can make a seemingly average outfit have that special x- factor. That is the most important thing to remember when it comes to fashion, is that the whole outfit does not have to be wow. You can just have one or two items that really speak for themselves. That is what I feel I have achieved here. Also, you can use any black bag, I just went and got my Prada one but it really doesn’t matter I just felt a black bag compliments this outfit nicely.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my blog post and I might be able to do, more fashion kind of ones if you guys like them. So let me know what you think and I can keep coming up with fab outfit ideas.

Carly 🙂


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