Ruts, Dreams and Stress!!!!

Hey Guys,

I know I said I was going to write a more beauty oriented blog post today. But I have had this extreme overwhelming feeling today of been a bit of a failure and feeling as if my life isn’t moving forward. I know the story that sometimes in life you have to take a few steps back, and then go a few steps forward. I try my absolute hardest to be as positive as possible on this blog. However, this was just a feeling I felt I really could not ignore.

I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but do you ever feel as if you aren’t really moving forward in life and you aren’t really achieving anything and you are sort of just there. That is basically where I am at now. Because I guess in order for me to feel like I’m going to the next level in life, I need to have quite a bit of money saved up. Hence, why for the moment before I save up any money I really to just need to work and exist, instead of thriving for the moment. Which if you are incredibly impatient like me, can be a seriously hard thing to do. I do feel as if I find it difficult to just wait things out and not rush into anything too fast, before I am done living.

I also feel, because I am incredibly creative and do want ways for that creativity to come up and I know there are tonnes of work I really want to do on my blog, for it to get to the stage that I want it to be at. I have all these creative ideas, and ways that I want to express that, and sometimes I feel like I completely lack the execution of it. Or that there is literally 100 things and ideas running through my head. And there is just too many thoughts going around that even getting out one creative idea, can feel like a million things going on.

I definitely want better and more creative photography on my blog, and I sort of just feel like right now I’m not really achieving that. So I guess no. 1 of me not feeling as if I am a complete failure that is wasting away, would be to start getting more creative and getting my ideas out there. It would be to find a way to take those fashion shots, to really get my creative energy out there. And I would completely love to get a fashion post of a bunch of outfits out there, because let me tell you that fashion really is my damn passion. But it would require me to try and find a photographer and to get a concept of outfits together (which would be my dream tbh) but that also means a significant amount of money. And sometimes I feel that is what is holding me back, is the shear amount of money I feel like it will cost me. And it may be money that I feel as if I don’t have.

But at the end of the day it will be something that makes me incredibly happy, and therefore to some extent extremely worth it. After I go and feel incredibly guilty about how much I spent (crying face emoticon).  Gosh I really feel as if I just went on another random ramble again with this post. But seriously if anyone knows what I am talking about help a girl out over here. Give me advice or anything I would seriously appreciate it.

Do any of you feel like this?

Carly 🙂


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