New Job. New Beginnings!!!

Hey Guys,

I’m back again after a decent break off. But I have some seriously awesome news and that is I have finally found a job down at my parents.  Which literally makes me sooo happy since I seriously need the money at this point and my birthday is coming up so having money would just be nice tbh. And in addition to that, they seriously are the most incredible bosses I have ever had in the history of bosses. I honestly have no idea, what I did to deserve bosses and the ability to have a job like this, but I am so insanely grateful for it.

This brings me into what I am wanting to discuss this blog post and that is attitude and your character. When I was younger and I would do jobs or any task in life, I always thought it was about how well you did the task, to whether your boss liked you. But the older I have gotten the more I have begun to realise that it is all about your attitude as an employee. If you do an awesome job, but in the process you are mean to staff or just in general are not being a kind person, then the boss is honestly less likely to want to keep you in the business.  But if you mess up a million times, but are constantly trying your best and giving it your all and in the process are being an all round super nice person. They are likely to want to keep working with you.

It’s weird because I feel like when we were younger our whole lives, we are told we need to be good at this and that, but no one ever tells us that a good character is important. Being able to understand others points of view and making others want to come to work and want to be their best selves. Is likely to get you further.

It really shows with my most recent boss,  there is an employee there who just really isn’t that nice to staff, although she is really good at her job. The boss, you can tell just doesn’t like her at all, because of how she treats other people. As in you should treat the bosses and employees with the same amount of respect if you want to get anywhere in life in general.

I sort of feel like this post totally seemed to have no purpose and I went on a complete tangent, but tomorrow a more beauty oriented post will be up. Just because I have been buying up a bunch of makeup recently.

Do you have any life advice?


Carly 🙂


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