Fears, Failures and Success!!!!

Hey Guys,

Here I go again, posting again. I honestly have no day job at the moment and I have a lot of time to think so that means seriously frequent posts. This post I am going to talk about, fear in terms of fear of the future, and failing to live in the present enough and always worrying about what will happen. I’m pretty sure I have probably mentioned this before on my blog, that independence and feel like I am moving forward in life is extremely important for me. So when I feel as if I am wasting my day and when I feel as I can’t reach success. I’m not even sure if I am making a lot of sense right now. But what I mean is, I feel as if I am not working towards a long term and sustainable goal to work towards as such. And by that I mean career goals.

If I am going to be honest I am an incredibly impatient person, and so not having immediate success is quite frustrating (obviously nothing ever has immediate success in general). But because what I’m doing isn’t what society is thinking is success it sometimes stresses me out. I know what you are thinking and honestly I always preach about it to. That you should just do you. And not worry about the opinions of others and find what makes you happy. But I also do think everyone has one of those days where you just feel unsuccessful, you just doubt yourself and you feel as if you are just not doing enough. And I guess that is my mood right now.

Because I feel as if i have big dreams and because they will often take time and involve taking baby steps, it can be seen that maybe I’m not making any progress. Like it can seem as if I am no moving forward in life and that is a huge fear of mine. I do want to have goals and I do want to have a career, because I absolutely love working and the thought of not having any of that terrifies me.

Do you guys have similar feelings?

Carly 🙂


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