Hey guys,

I’m writing this to you whilst I am babysitting and probably should be concentrating but instead i am just relaxing a bit. But today I have had a lot of thoughts and I really want to get them out there in the open.

It’s about doing things that really scare you. The job I am in now I have been in for years and honestly I absolutely love it and it is the best place I think I have ever worked in my life. To leave it means, that I would be leaving an extremely comfortable place and one with a good wage too. But I also know I need to grow as a person. That’s one thing I have been struggling with lately. Is where do I go next? How do I keep improving and growing myself?

I now have my mindset in a good place, I need to start asking myself. Where do you see yourself in the future? What are you going to do to get there? I need to start asking myself these daily and start coming up with a plan or even rough ideas. Just something to get me motivated. I think my issue right now is my lack of direction and interests.

Because I am definitely not someone who can do things without a purpose and so everything I do, I have to be completely passionate about whatever it is I choose to do. Which is probably why I feel like I don’t have a clear career direction yet, because I don’t feel I have a real passion yet.

Obviously, I am moving to Hawaii which is going to be amazing and completely great. And that is the next step in my life, and as hard as the decision is, I completely back myself up on it. It is 100% without a doubt the right thing to do.

But it is just so scary to at 19 pick up your life and move. I definitely know something good is going to come of it, and that I am really growing into myself.

Bt I really thing it is hard to just be brace. Any thoughts?


Thanks.  Carly 🙂