No Direction!!!!

Hey Guys,

I have thought all day about this blog post, on what I should write and tbh a bunch of stuff has come to my mind. So I’m just going to write away and see what happens.

First off I haven’t completely thought a lot about my future until now in the sense of where I am going or what I would like to do.

I mean I have thought about it very vaguely. But it wasn’t until tonight at babysitting, when the kids asked me what I want to do with my life; that I really began giving it any though. Obviously I know for sure that my degree and what I am studying is 100% not what I would like to do with my life at all. If there is one thing working in a chicken shop has taught me it is that I do have a love for running business (maybe not a chicken shop one. But I do have a love for that super hard work, the number crunching and watching sales. Just overall been in charge.

But then I wonder, where do I go from there? I have no clear plan of what kind of business I would like to run. No clear plan on the finances to build it up. It is like I am honestly very confused with where I am going with things. All I know is that I am definitely moving my ass up to Hawaii next year. But any year after that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, and I just feel as if I have absolutely no direction at times. I know I constantly talk about how sometimes having no direction is good and how sometimes it is better to be lost and find yourself. Then I also think, how long you can be lost for? How long will I have no direction?

I feel as if I only hate it because I have always been the kind of person to have a lot of direction and a lot of goals. I definitely need to write out some kind of five-year plan. Then at least I feel as if I would have an end direction that I would be working towards. I also feel, as if I have really big goals but I haven’t thought out the small steps and goals to get to the big goals.

If anyone is going through the same thing, or has any advice it would be so greatly appreciated if you would share your advice.

Carly 🙂


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