Feeling under the weather + sorting life out!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

So I came back from Italy which was in the lovely nice hot summer, and then I came back to Australia, which was in the midst of a pretty cold winter. At first, I thought it would all be fine and good, like I am touch and I could handle it. And literally, like four days in I have a pretty nasty cold. Like I am talking the worst headaches and feeling nauseas and not to mention last night I pretty much couldn’t sleep because of a pretty high fever that I had. But I am also pretty proud of myself, because usually when I get sick I hardly ever get the time off work that I need to, to relax and rest up. But this time I did, I asked for time off and I didn’t think about the money more than I needed to. And I took the time off to rest.

And from taking that time off to rest it gave me a lot of time to think and to honestly sort my damn life out a little. So I did a huuuuugge and I mean like a massive wardrobe clean out. I have been kind of inspired by the minimalism type of wardrobes (not that mine is anywhere near close, like I wish), and decided to just keep what I actually wear and what I need, It can be kind of confronting thinking you are actually going to be left with nothing to wear, but you really don’t wear a whole lot of variety if you think about it. There is usually the normal few pairs of jeans we always wear and then the t-shirts and then some jackets we usually mix and match. Plus if you are a workaholic like me, then you don’t need that much because like you are probably working 5 or 6 days out of the week anyway.

In addition, to cleaning out my wardrobe I have really been on this whole new treating your body well thing. So basically for a whole week so far I have actually eaten pretty healthy and have mainly been drinking water. I feel like I have also got the perfect smoothie for a bomb ass acai bowl which is just making me super excited to wake up in the morning and have breakfast. I also went out and just bought a tonne of healthy things, so hopefully I can really keep it up. Because I honestly just feel so much better and healthier in general, and if I do keep it up if you guys would like I would be more than happy to do, a what I eat in a day blog post.

So that is my headspace and where I am at for the moment. I encourage all of you to try and love yourself with food and de clutter your life. In order to have a calmer state of mind.

Carly 🙂


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