Take Control!

Hey Guys,

Long time no see. Honestly I definitely did have a blog post written up like literally a week or so ago. But it turns out I never got around to posting that apparently, so here I am at 1am in Napoli writing this to you.

Honestly, before embarking on this journey I was so fucking terrified of what awaited me. But as they say your life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and I feel I have definitely achieved something whilst I have been here. Before I came I would say I was very apprehensive about who I was as a person and the direction I was going in, in life and just completely unsure of everything. Now I definitely feel I have more of a purpose and I am a lot more confident in the decisions I am making.

Travel truly does change you might not fully expect and it ways you might not even notice. I think of myself at times as a quiet and timid person tbh. But when travelling on your own you are definitely forced out of the bubble you have created for yourself. Even been here and volunteering I have had to speak up, because certain situations may have made me uncomfortable and so I feel as if I have really learnt to speak up for myself and always be true to me.

I think now more than ever, I am very confident in the direction that my life is going in. I am so certain of my abilities and that I truly want to live overseas and that I have the capability to do it. That I don’t need a bloody man or anybody to complete me or fill a void in my life because I complete, I feel content living life as just me. I am excited at the prospects of achieving the goals I have created for myself and achieving self-love and acceptance.

We have the control of the direction of our lives, and changing your life starts with just one decision. One decision and your life may never be the same.

Carly xoxo


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