No Direction!!!!

Hey Guys,

I have thought all day about this blog post, on what I should write and tbh a bunch of stuff has come to my mind. So I’m just going to write away and see what happens.

First off I haven’t completely thought a lot about my future until now in the sense of where I am going or what I would like to do.

I mean I have thought about it very vaguely. But it wasn’t until tonight at babysitting, when the kids asked me what I want to do with my life; that I really began giving it any though. Obviously I know for sure that my degree and what I am studying is 100% not what I would like to do with my life at all. If there is one thing working in a chicken shop has taught me it is that I do have a love for running business (maybe not a chicken shop one. But I do have a love for that super hard work, the number crunching and watching sales. Just overall been in charge.

But then I wonder, where do I go from there? I have no clear plan of what kind of business I would like to run. No clear plan on the finances to build it up. It is like I am honestly very confused with where I am going with things. All I know is that I am definitely moving my ass up to Hawaii next year. But any year after that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, and I just feel as if I have absolutely no direction at times. I know I constantly talk about how sometimes having no direction is good and how sometimes it is better to be lost and find yourself. Then I also think, how long you can be lost for? How long will I have no direction?

I feel as if I only hate it because I have always been the kind of person to have a lot of direction and a lot of goals. I definitely need to write out some kind of five-year plan. Then at least I feel as if I would have an end direction that I would be working towards. I also feel, as if I have really big goals but I haven’t thought out the small steps and goals to get to the big goals.

If anyone is going through the same thing, or has any advice it would be so greatly appreciated if you would share your advice.

Carly 🙂


Valuing you!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

Today’s post, is just going to be mainly about seeing your worth. I think every human being on this earth even those that you think have it all, have all questioned their worth at some point.

I think, a lot of people have compromised their happiness, even me. I have to say my life right now and where I am at in life, is one of the happiest times ever in my life. I don’t actually think my life has ever been this amazing. It all starts with you. It all starts with one decision. A lot of people can relate to being in a relationship that perhaps wasn’t making you happy or fulfilling you in any way. It can be hard to let go of that relationship, I have personally been there and I wasn’t even the one to let it go. I pretty much just couldn’t see how miserable the relationship was making me, and I was pretty much just begging someone to love me even though they really didn’t anymore. That period in my life was definitely one of my darkest, but it was also where I learnt the most about myself and made a decision to change my life.

Valuing yourself really does start with you. I was definitely always one of those people that sacrificed my health and wellbeing for other people. I never put myself first, even though sometimes that might have been the better decision. An example is this year I went on two holidays. One of them was a month in Italy and it was definitely one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Not only did it give me a new perspective on my life, and gave me the well-deserved break I needed. But it also gave me a sense of fulfilment and independence that I think I always longed for and was looking for in my life. I am incredibly proud of myself for doing the hard journey to get there. Spending a month soaking up the sun, gave me a new lease on life.

When I got back, I started to want to take care of myself more and began to watch what I put into m body. Started to give myself more fresh food and vegetables and really just taking care of myself more. Spending a little bit more money on the little things for yourself can seriously help. And I really see a difference in for one just my energy levels and also just in my overall mental state. I am far happier and just a lot more motivated in general. I feel as if I could do anything.

So valuing, yourself is highly important. It is important to value you, so other people’s opinions about you don’t bother you. I encourage everyone to just take that time out for you. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself. Because sweeties you deserve it.


Carly 🙂

Feeling under the weather + sorting life out!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

So I came back from Italy which was in the lovely nice hot summer, and then I came back to Australia, which was in the midst of a pretty cold winter. At first, I thought it would all be fine and good, like I am touch and I could handle it. And literally, like four days in I have a pretty nasty cold. Like I am talking the worst headaches and feeling nauseas and not to mention last night I pretty much couldn’t sleep because of a pretty high fever that I had. But I am also pretty proud of myself, because usually when I get sick I hardly ever get the time off work that I need to, to relax and rest up. But this time I did, I asked for time off and I didn’t think about the money more than I needed to. And I took the time off to rest.

And from taking that time off to rest it gave me a lot of time to think and to honestly sort my damn life out a little. So I did a huuuuugge and I mean like a massive wardrobe clean out. I have been kind of inspired by the minimalism type of wardrobes (not that mine is anywhere near close, like I wish), and decided to just keep what I actually wear and what I need, It can be kind of confronting thinking you are actually going to be left with nothing to wear, but you really don’t wear a whole lot of variety if you think about it. There is usually the normal few pairs of jeans we always wear and then the t-shirts and then some jackets we usually mix and match. Plus if you are a workaholic like me, then you don’t need that much because like you are probably working 5 or 6 days out of the week anyway.

In addition, to cleaning out my wardrobe I have really been on this whole new treating your body well thing. So basically for a whole week so far I have actually eaten pretty healthy and have mainly been drinking water. I feel like I have also got the perfect smoothie for a bomb ass acai bowl which is just making me super excited to wake up in the morning and have breakfast. I also went out and just bought a tonne of healthy things, so hopefully I can really keep it up. Because I honestly just feel so much better and healthier in general, and if I do keep it up if you guys would like I would be more than happy to do, a what I eat in a day blog post.

So that is my headspace and where I am at for the moment. I encourage all of you to try and love yourself with food and de clutter your life. In order to have a calmer state of mind.

Carly 🙂

The Aftermath!!!

Hey Guys,

Honestly, travel is incredibly amazing and going travelling is just out of this world incredible. But no one talks about what it is like after travelling, after the fantasy world has gone away. I came back home to honestly some not great news at first and that is the apartment that I am renting is getting sold, and to be honest when I found out this news I felt like my world has crashed around me. I actually completely love this place so having to leave it is incredibly difficult for me.

But then, I thought about it for a day and found it to not be completely terrible news, the more I thought about it. Technically I don’t have to be out until much later in the year and I can move back in with my parents and still have a full time job and save up heaps of money so that, I can have quite a bit of money before going to Hawaii next year.

This all brings me to my next point, that my university officially approved me having another year off. This makes me beyond excited because I wasn’t really expecting it. But there you go you just have to ask the universe and you will receive.

So, when I first got back from my holiday it felt as if the world of responsibilities had just come crashing down on me. But the more I think about it, the more I realise how incredibly lucky I am to be in this place in my life. Everything, for the moment (touch wood) is falling into place and going in the right direction. I absolutely could not be happier, and I am amazed at where I have come in life.

Now, I know it is probably annoying to hear about all of the good things that are happening in my life, so feel free to share happy stories that have happened in your life too, and we can make this a little happy environment here.

I think the biggest lesson I am beginning to learn is hard work, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and being positive causes you to achieve things beyond your wildest dreams.


Carly 🙂

Take Control!

Hey Guys,

Long time no see. Honestly I definitely did have a blog post written up like literally a week or so ago. But it turns out I never got around to posting that apparently, so here I am at 1am in Napoli writing this to you.

Honestly, before embarking on this journey I was so fucking terrified of what awaited me. But as they say your life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and I feel I have definitely achieved something whilst I have been here. Before I came I would say I was very apprehensive about who I was as a person and the direction I was going in, in life and just completely unsure of everything. Now I definitely feel I have more of a purpose and I am a lot more confident in the decisions I am making.

Travel truly does change you might not fully expect and it ways you might not even notice. I think of myself at times as a quiet and timid person tbh. But when travelling on your own you are definitely forced out of the bubble you have created for yourself. Even been here and volunteering I have had to speak up, because certain situations may have made me uncomfortable and so I feel as if I have really learnt to speak up for myself and always be true to me.

I think now more than ever, I am very confident in the direction that my life is going in. I am so certain of my abilities and that I truly want to live overseas and that I have the capability to do it. That I don’t need a bloody man or anybody to complete me or fill a void in my life because I complete, I feel content living life as just me. I am excited at the prospects of achieving the goals I have created for myself and achieving self-love and acceptance.

We have the control of the direction of our lives, and changing your life starts with just one decision. One decision and your life may never be the same.

Carly xoxo