Hey Guys,

This week I think I have had one of the greatest weeks that I have had in a while, and I hope all of you have had a similar kind of week. So I thought of the idea behind this post when lying in bed this morning and realising how happy I am. So I went and thought about the great week I have had and decided to write a list below of what I think had made it better than most. Definitely not doing this to boast. But to rather show what can make people’s weeks great; and maybe you can incorporate, this into your weeks and you to can be super happy.

  • I worked really hard

I worked super hard this week, I actually have been working really hard in recent weeks in my job. And for some reason this provides a lot of self-fulfilment for me and I don’t know why but it honestly does make me feel so good about myself. And everything comes with rewards.

  • I relaxed

I know I talk about relaxation a lot on my blog, and sometimes I do honestly forget to do it, it can at times be nard to make relaxing a habit of our daily routine but when you don’t take the time out for yourself it can be really noticeable, but this week I did a lot of it and I feel great. Whether this is just relaxing and watching some Netflix or even having a good laugh with some friends, never forget to take that time out.

  • I treated myself

Lastly I treated myself. This doesn’t always mean you have to have a lot of money and also never be afraid to splurge on something you really love. This is what I have learnt. I used to always be pretty afraid to spend money or feel completely guilty when I did spend it, and so I never really brought myself anything. This resulted in me feeling like I was working for nothing. But then I was reading a book that gave me this great advice. It is to never be afraid to splurge on something you really love because if you feel completely happy and fulfilled after you have bought it, then you were meant to have it. And if you feel guilty then you were not. But always listen to the truth in your heart.

Feel free to list more of what makes your week great, in the comments below.


Carly 🙂


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