Train your brain!!!

Hey Guys,’

Been thinking about what to write all day, because writing is probably the most therapeutic thing for me. So, tonight when I was just talking to my family it occurred to me that everyday after work, my mum always says without fail that she has had a terrible day today. It then got me thinking about the way the human brain is wired.

Like, did we really have a bad day? Or did we have a bad moment in a day, and then that is what our brain remembers. Most likely the entire day was not bad, but something just went wrong. And since we all know the human brain remembers the negatives far more than the positives, it kind of in a way can trick us into having bad days. Although, obviously sometimes you do just have a bit of a bad day, but a lot of times it is just a bad moment. So tonight I am deciding to do my blog post in a little bit of a different format and sort of offer some kind of advice. Hopefully it helps you out.


  • Take deep breaths

I know this is so simple and you have probably heard it a thousand times, and are probably thinking, yeah yeah I get it. But truthfully you will be surprised at how much perspective you will gain by taking a few deep breaths, and closing your eyes. Trust me you will see a difference.


  • Does it really matter

Have a good think about what is making your day so bad and think to yourself, will this even matter tomorrow and will it matter in a few years, if your answer is no. Then do not let something that isn’t going to matter later, make today bad or make you stress out today.


  • There is always tomorrow

If what has happened today, was so bad that it matters so much to you just remember that there is always tomorrow, and that tomorrow most of what is happening today won’t even matter. Even just thinking this you will be surprised at how much more positive you feel, because even though you are going through bad time, your focusing your energy on something positive which is that tomorrow is going to be amazing and therefore this can even slightly improve your day.


  • Mindfulness meditation


I know I talk about this a lot on my blog, but that is because I really do stand by this. Meditation brings your mind to be more present and focus on the moment. So instead of letting your mind run off with worries and more stress. It makes you focus on the little things like even just how blue the sky is, and your mood does improve drastically.


Remember if you guys have an advice don’t forget to put it into the comments.


Carly 🙂


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