Take that risk!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

I honestly couldn’t help myself but write on this blog again. I’ve done some remodelling of this blog and I absolutely am loving the changes that I have made so far and am definitely going to keep working on the layout of my blog.

Sorry for my rambling that is completely past the point. Today I am going to be talking about taking risks. To me taking risks is essential for personal development, because taking a risk means you are taking a chance and going extremely far out of your comfort zone, to achieve something great. Think about something you have been dreaming of starting, but are simply too afraid. You may be scared because of financial reasons, because taking that risk may put a bit of financial burden on you or there is a chance that it might not work out.

The beauty about taking a risk, is always that there is a chance that it definitely won’t work out. But in it not working out are the lessons that you learn, that prepare you for the next risk you will take. So, maybe the first thing you ever took a chance on, completely failed but before it failed you worked your butt of too try and make it work. And there you go, the first lesson you learnt was to work your damn butt off for what you want. Trust me you will need this for your next big risk.

Again, when taking your first chance you may have also had to adapt and change your idea multiple times. And there you go, you, your next lesson has been learnt is that at times you will have to change and adapt your idea. And that is okay, it is okay to change the direction you were going in to something that may suit you more.

Most importantly, if the first big risk you ever took failed, that means you learnt that failing is okay. You probably poured your heart and soul into an idea and then it failed and you felt like your heart had been ripped out of your chest and your world crushed around you. But you learnt from that, you learnt that you didn’t die, and you learnt that the world keeps moving and so you learnt that failing is okay. Which is going to be necessary for your next big risk.

When taking a big risk, if the reason you are so hesitant is because of financial reasons. Then you just have to try and believe that it will all be okay. Yes, you may be tight on money and you will have to sacrifice certain luxuries, but you just have to budget accordingly. If you constantly worry and stress about money you will never have it. At the end of the day map out your expenses and spend what is necessary never spend on things you don’t need. And then once you have done that chase after your dreams because in the end you will be so much more financially better off.

So always remember to take that first risk.

Carly 🙂


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