Feeling ‘Uncool’!!!!

Hey Guys,

I’m pretty sure at least some of you will be able to relate to this feeling, of being just completely uncool. I’m going to be honest I am definitely not the kind of girl to really ever go partying and especially where I am from, it is kind of odd I guess. So I definitely am the kind of person to look at others social media, and see them out clubbing and all dressed up and feeling a certain dissatisfaction with my life, simply because I just feel really friggin’ uncool.

I get afraid, I get really afraid the guys (potential boyfriends) will just see me as completely boring the girl that stays in every night. So to them I come off as completely uninteresting. The thing is, with my finances I only like to spend my money on things that I definitely will not regret and will only be things that I cherish. So spending my money on alcohol or going out to clubs, just seems like such a waster of time to me, because it is not something that I ever really enjoy.

But I guess, this makes me feel like some kind of odd ball in society, because let’s be real no body ever takes pictures of themselves chilling in their pj’s on a Saturday night. So it makes a lot of people feel inadequate. We feel as if, our lives do not measure up to everyone else’s. We are told to think that staying home and achieving as well as focusing on your ambitions, is not something to be proud of. That achieving all your life goals, too early means you never had any fun.

But at the end of the day it is all relative, like hey if you love going out and partying every power to you girl. But I also believe we need to be told that it is okay to be the opposite to. It is okay to be a lamo and stay at home to just relax, and not go out kissing 100 guys. It is simply okay to be just who you are and we shouldn’t be made to feel, as if we are uncool or inadequate. SO EMBRACE THE INNER LAMO.




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