Moving away or running away?!!!!

Hey guys,

Today I read something on the Humans of New York page that inspired me to write this blog post. It was about a young individual wanting to move away to a different country to challenge themselves, I related to this post deeply.

But some of the comments did shock me and got me thinking. Most of them were about, how this individual was running away from something, because I guess people can’t fathom that somebody, might be happier in a different place. The reason why I guess these comments and this post caught my eye, is because that is exactly how I feel, yes I have a stable job. Yes, I have a good income. But, that is all I am. I am just comfortable.

I don’t wake up all the time and feel a rush of excitement, because I know exactly what is going to happen in my day. I wish to move to a different country not because I am running away from anything. In fact, I am super happy here. I have amazing friends, a great apartment and the people I work with are amazing. But much like the individual in the post, I don’t want this to be all my life is. I don’t want a one-dimensional world. This to be all I know.

It would be my absolute dream to pickup and go somewhere like Hawaii. I am not running away from anything I feel more like I am running to something. I don’t think my life will be any better, but it will be different. That is what I am searching for. I crave to learn about others and become a more understanding individual. I crave to grow. I crave to put myself in situations that scare me because I know damn well, that I am been reborn again. I am developing into the person I want to be.

We are meant to evolve and change. We are not meant to stay the same. Sometimes we have to leave that relationship even though we are terrified at the thought of it because, there is a pot of gold waiting for us somewhere in the future. We all just have to take the chance, to be afraid. People that uproot their lives are not always searching for something, or hoping that moving fixes our problems. It is more that some people just do not want their life to stay the same forever. And that is okay. So let people make that change, let them run to the country of their dreams. Let them be fucking happy.

And you deserve to be happy too.

Carly 🙂


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