Selfless vs. Selfish

Hey Guys,

Do you ever feel as if you are too selfish?

Now don’t get me wrong, and take what I am saying as a bad thing, but as we become a more technological age and I guess in a way a more materialistic society, do you ever feel as if you are not doing everything you can to make it better?

Obviously, I am no saint when it comes to this either, let’s be real everyone is just trying to make a dollar, and do what they can to have the latest of something. And if I am going to be honest this can sometimes be a good thing, you work hard so you know what reward yourself with a little treat whatever that may be. But, I do feel as if maybe this goes too far? Was there ever a time when, you bought something that tbh you didn’t really like that much, but you bought it just because you could. When really you could have maybe even donated that money to a good cause. And I do it all the time, I buy stuff just because I can, because the money is there and at the end of the day I just think of myself. I think of what I can buy. But what if I thought just a little differently, what if I thought about what other people wanted, would the world be a different place? And maybe, it might be like that for you to.

And I’m not saying, that been selfish is necessarily a bad thing. If I am going to be 100% honest at times I would even say quite the contrary, it is actually quite a good thing for your mind and soul. It is good to say no to people when you are not feeling, like going out or doing something. It is good to reward and treat yourself when something you have worked hard for succeeds. Girl you are a queen, so don’t think I am saying don’t be a little selfish, or feel bad for being a little selfish. But I do think in the world maybe we could do with a little more selflessness too. We could try and understand others situation. We could try and be a little more empathetic, because you really never know what someone has been through or is going through.

So girls, let’s try and do one little selfless thing a week.


Carly 🙂


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