Learning to Let Go!!!!!

Hey Guys,

How many of you have had a bad day at work and struggled to forget it? Or were in a bad relationship but still holding onto the person?

Letting go seems to be one of life’s greatest struggles for humans. Think about it, how many times has someone said something to you, that was negative or something happened to you that you couldn’t control; and you kept replaying it over and over in your mind. Because instead of letting go you hold on, which honestly is completely normal and human.


Trust me girl, I am no better than you at this, I have a bad day at work and I go home and keep thinking about it and I seriously can’t forget it and it can at times completely consume and strangle you. But the more you think, like me, about any bad thing that may have happened in your day honestly the crazier you get.

So I think it is paramount to just learn to let go. Which by the way if anyone has any advice on how to do this, it would be so appreciated. But you know what I am going to try and offer some advice that might be able to help you, even a little bit.

  • Just breathe

Okay I know this sounds like the most simple thing ever, but honestly if you take a few deep breaths and try to release those negative toxins from your body, you will be surprised at how much better you will feel.

  • Do something you enjoy

Take some time out for yourself and, do something that will distract you. That may be reading a really amazing book that completely captivates you or maybe it is going out with your girls. Whatever, it may be just make sure it is not to do with work, just don’t even think about it. You need to appreciate this life so go out there and do it.

  • Vent

Sometimes the best way to get it all out of your system is to just simply, talk about it with someone. Whether it is your mum, a trusted close friend or even your partner. Sometimes a little bitching is all you need to just get it out of your system so you can move on. Remember, this is a way to release all that negative energy and get it out.

  • Read positive affirmation

I don’t know about you, but when I am going through a hard time or struggling with letting go, just looking for those positive little sayings on Instagram seriously make the world of difference. They really put it into perspective and they might be able to help you to.

Remember guys you deserve the best life you can have. You are worthy of it.


Carly 🙂


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