Hey Guys,

Okay so I was meaning to post this ages ago, but at the time i didn’t really like it an apparently I was not ready to post it. But since I have been doing heaps of advice/inspirational stuff I thought I would put a lighthearted post out there.

Guys, I went to Hawaii, and been there really made me think about what I really want in life and where I want to go with my life and I definitely want to throw everything I have into this blog. And now with that little explanation over time to get to talking about the seriously amazing Hawaii.

Basically, I only went for a week but had the most seriously incredible time. Although the long plane journey was a little bit torturous but it was definitely well worth it. One of the first few days I was there we went ATV riding which was seriously just so incredible and the views were just insane. Not to mention just the ATV’s in general were incredibly fun and it was an all around awesome time. So if any of you are going to Hawaii and looking at what to do definitely book at the Kualoa Ranch.

Moving on though, was the SHOPPING!!! Which of course was just insane and absolutely awesome, bought waaayyy too much stuff but I honestly couldn’t help myself. Also, I have a slight obsession with Victoria’s Secret so I definitely spent way too much in there. But, hey I never usually get to shop where I live so I gave myself a little pass to go a bit crazy. And, honestly it got the shopping itch in me out, so I  can officially save money and stop spending it on not necessary things.

In addition, I also ended up going scuba diving, which I was super scared and skeptical since you can’t really get out of the water easily if you just feel like you need to get out. And honestly when I first got in the water and had to only breathe through my mouth I was really questioning as to whether I could actually do it or not. But this year was all about trying new things and doing things that once scared me or things I normally wouldn’t do. So I went ahead and just kept breathing and it was one of the greatest experiences I have had. To be that close to the marine life was incredibly amazing and I would honestly do it all over again. Hawaii is seriously one of the most incredible places on earth.

And I am for sure going back, trying to get a visa to stay there for an extended period of time. Hopefully it works out.



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