Hey guys,

Well this post you guessed it, is about stress. Stress to me has got to be one of the worst human emotions to feel. It feels like a tightening in your chest that no matter how many deep breaths you take it never eases up.

The stress for me today, comes from feeling inadequate and maybe that is what makes the relationships and jobs around me fail. It is that I feel completely inadequate, I don’t feel good at anything I do. It definitely comes from a strive for perfection. The problem is perfect is never perfect enough, and as they say I let my mean girl take over. I let the little voices in my head ruin every opportunity I get, because I guess there is something inside me that believes I don’t deserve it.

I also think been disappointed just sucks, and I guess me ruining it for myself means I don’t feel as rejected or hurt, or even just disappointed because, I guess in my mind it means I chose to ruin it. But, this mentality and this attitude is what stops you from achieving all your goals in life. In fact, nothing ever just falls in your lap and you really have to put your best foot forward and go for it. Because, if you believe you don’t deserve something then you will never have it. It is an extremely difficult pill to swallow, and considering we live in a society that prays on self-doubt learning to believe you are worth it is challenging.

But everyone, should definitely go on this journey with me. The journey of self-discovery and the journey of truly believing you are worth it.  We have to want to create the life we want to live. As you can see, setbacks happen. Here I am doubting myself and thinking I don’t deserve it. But I am not going to let my journey end here, I am going to keep pushing forward, keep focusing on self love. And everything else will fall into place.


Carly 🙂



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