Hey Guys,

Insecurity is definitely something that we all struggle with. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how good you look you will always have insecurities. This post sort of inspired me, because of how I have been feeling lately.

Basically, I dropped out of university, well not technically I am just intermitting but after a few years I will probably end up dropping out. Of course, everyone completely freaks out not in my immediate family, but more in my extended family. They are being kind of judgemental about, what I am doing and where I am going in life. So I guess, when other people doubt you it sparks a little insecurity within you, I was never feeling too bad about my decision, but ever since people have been questioning it, it has sparked a lot of questions within me.

Undoubtedly, not doing university was pretty much on of the wisest and best decisions I have probably ever made and I know that deep within my heart. However, everyone’s concern over my future also has me, kind of thinking about it. Not, so much my immediate future, because just travelling around and exploring the world honestly sounds so amazing to me right now.

But more like into the future, even thinking about it kind of freaks me out. Like, will I forever just be working in customer service? Will I ever make a career in anything? I think about this pretty much every night before I go to bed, and it is hard not to think about if your decisions you make now are going to positively or negatively impact your future.In my mind, I know that as long as I keep working hard and doing what I do, there are so many opportunities and the world really is my oyster. But when you listen to all the little voices of people that think they know your life better, it can be really hard to shut them out. It can be hard to really believe in yourself when it seems no one believes in you. But I know that you and I have to keep pushing through the negativity and all the people that think they know your life better.

It can be really hard though, and trust me it is so easy to doubt yourself and believe what others say and just take the easy route out. But the easy route never leads you to the best destination sometimes you have to keep going and push through, doing what you can and never giving up.

We can do this. Let’s kick goals.

Carly 🙂



Hey Guys,

This week I think I have had one of the greatest weeks that I have had in a while, and I hope all of you have had a similar kind of week. So I thought of the idea behind this post when lying in bed this morning and realising how happy I am. So I went and thought about the great week I have had and decided to write a list below of what I think had made it better than most. Definitely not doing this to boast. But to rather show what can make people’s weeks great; and maybe you can incorporate, this into your weeks and you to can be super happy.

  • I worked really hard

I worked super hard this week, I actually have been working really hard in recent weeks in my job. And for some reason this provides a lot of self-fulfilment for me and I don’t know why but it honestly does make me feel so good about myself. And everything comes with rewards.

  • I relaxed

I know I talk about relaxation a lot on my blog, and sometimes I do honestly forget to do it, it can at times be nard to make relaxing a habit of our daily routine but when you don’t take the time out for yourself it can be really noticeable, but this week I did a lot of it and I feel great. Whether this is just relaxing and watching some Netflix or even having a good laugh with some friends, never forget to take that time out.

  • I treated myself

Lastly I treated myself. This doesn’t always mean you have to have a lot of money and also never be afraid to splurge on something you really love. This is what I have learnt. I used to always be pretty afraid to spend money or feel completely guilty when I did spend it, and so I never really brought myself anything. This resulted in me feeling like I was working for nothing. But then I was reading a book that gave me this great advice. It is to never be afraid to splurge on something you really love because if you feel completely happy and fulfilled after you have bought it, then you were meant to have it. And if you feel guilty then you were not. But always listen to the truth in your heart.

Feel free to list more of what makes your week great, in the comments below.


Carly 🙂

Train your brain!!!

Hey Guys,’

Been thinking about what to write all day, because writing is probably the most therapeutic thing for me. So, tonight when I was just talking to my family it occurred to me that everyday after work, my mum always says without fail that she has had a terrible day today. It then got me thinking about the way the human brain is wired.

Like, did we really have a bad day? Or did we have a bad moment in a day, and then that is what our brain remembers. Most likely the entire day was not bad, but something just went wrong. And since we all know the human brain remembers the negatives far more than the positives, it kind of in a way can trick us into having bad days. Although, obviously sometimes you do just have a bit of a bad day, but a lot of times it is just a bad moment. So tonight I am deciding to do my blog post in a little bit of a different format and sort of offer some kind of advice. Hopefully it helps you out.


  • Take deep breaths

I know this is so simple and you have probably heard it a thousand times, and are probably thinking, yeah yeah I get it. But truthfully you will be surprised at how much perspective you will gain by taking a few deep breaths, and closing your eyes. Trust me you will see a difference.


  • Does it really matter

Have a good think about what is making your day so bad and think to yourself, will this even matter tomorrow and will it matter in a few years, if your answer is no. Then do not let something that isn’t going to matter later, make today bad or make you stress out today.


  • There is always tomorrow

If what has happened today, was so bad that it matters so much to you just remember that there is always tomorrow, and that tomorrow most of what is happening today won’t even matter. Even just thinking this you will be surprised at how much more positive you feel, because even though you are going through bad time, your focusing your energy on something positive which is that tomorrow is going to be amazing and therefore this can even slightly improve your day.


  • Mindfulness meditation


I know I talk about this a lot on my blog, but that is because I really do stand by this. Meditation brings your mind to be more present and focus on the moment. So instead of letting your mind run off with worries and more stress. It makes you focus on the little things like even just how blue the sky is, and your mood does improve drastically.


Remember if you guys have an advice don’t forget to put it into the comments.


Carly 🙂

Surround yourself with positivity!!

Hey Guys,

You have probably heard the saying “you are who you surround yourself with.” This statement rings true, and if you want to have the life you want surround yourself with positive people that will inspire you to achieve that. We are often so unaware of the people around us that, maybe projecting their fears about their own lives, onto ours. Potentially demotivating us or convincing us, that what we are trying to achieve just isn’t possible.

An example I can provide you of this, is when I was in a pretty long term relationship and in the last year of that relationship, I was completely unhappy with my life. My life was not going in the direction that I wanted it to be going in, and I really hated university at the time, like it really was not for me. However, whenever I bought this up, he would always project fears of what if it doesn’t work out onto me. I have always wanted to start a blog, but I was just always stuck in uni or doing things that really never inspired me, so I always felt uninspired to do things.

With everything you do, there is always going to be a risk element, so why not risk it on something you absolutely love. If you surround yourself with the right people, they will always support you on this risk, and they will always see the potential in your idea. They won’t project fears about their own lives onto you, this will allow you to grow and flourish your ideas in a no fear environment.

Be around people, that inspire you. Brave people that follow their hearts and never let anyone stop them. Those people that are living their dream lives, or those people that are constantly striving and making great decisions towards their dreams. Surround yourself with positive people that only see a lot of good in the world. Make the environment you live in a lovely one.

Live your dream!!!!

Carly 🙂

Take that risk!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

I honestly couldn’t help myself but write on this blog again. I’ve done some remodelling of this blog and I absolutely am loving the changes that I have made so far and am definitely going to keep working on the layout of my blog.

Sorry for my rambling that is completely past the point. Today I am going to be talking about taking risks. To me taking risks is essential for personal development, because taking a risk means you are taking a chance and going extremely far out of your comfort zone, to achieve something great. Think about something you have been dreaming of starting, but are simply too afraid. You may be scared because of financial reasons, because taking that risk may put a bit of financial burden on you or there is a chance that it might not work out.

The beauty about taking a risk, is always that there is a chance that it definitely won’t work out. But in it not working out are the lessons that you learn, that prepare you for the next risk you will take. So, maybe the first thing you ever took a chance on, completely failed but before it failed you worked your butt of too try and make it work. And there you go, the first lesson you learnt was to work your damn butt off for what you want. Trust me you will need this for your next big risk.

Again, when taking your first chance you may have also had to adapt and change your idea multiple times. And there you go, you, your next lesson has been learnt is that at times you will have to change and adapt your idea. And that is okay, it is okay to change the direction you were going in to something that may suit you more.

Most importantly, if the first big risk you ever took failed, that means you learnt that failing is okay. You probably poured your heart and soul into an idea and then it failed and you felt like your heart had been ripped out of your chest and your world crushed around you. But you learnt from that, you learnt that you didn’t die, and you learnt that the world keeps moving and so you learnt that failing is okay. Which is going to be necessary for your next big risk.

When taking a big risk, if the reason you are so hesitant is because of financial reasons. Then you just have to try and believe that it will all be okay. Yes, you may be tight on money and you will have to sacrifice certain luxuries, but you just have to budget accordingly. If you constantly worry and stress about money you will never have it. At the end of the day map out your expenses and spend what is necessary never spend on things you don’t need. And then once you have done that chase after your dreams because in the end you will be so much more financially better off.

So always remember to take that first risk.

Carly 🙂


Hey Guys,

I don’t know about you, but I know I’m a completely impatient person, mainly in terms of the direction of my life is going in. Like a lot of people, I just want to be at my destination, all the hard work before hand I guess at times can be completely frustrating. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I am working hard at something and I keep working at it, but I seem to be going nowhere with it. It just feels like everything is at a standstill and nothing is moving.

Now, obviously I also know, that anything amazing and great takes a lot of work to achieve, I mean, when was the last easy thing that ever happened to you was amazing and made your heart pound. Anything that makes you feel on top of the world, and makes you question whether your life is even real because it is so amazing. Is going to be so hard to achieve but it will definitely be worth it.

I also know though, patience is so hard to achieve in this technological age. Because when you look on the Internet and go on Instagram, you can see the glorious life of Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, no doubt those girls worked hard for what they have, and they definitely had no easy road. But when snooping on others lives is just so accessible it makes you crave and want that success faster and you want that success more. I think it is hard to learn to walk and not run. I also really do believe in the importance of the journey and not the destination, as in the journey to the destination shapes who you are and it prepares you and gives you the character that you will need, in order to cope with your destination and the success you will receive.

So, I mean I don’t know that I really had a point to this, but I guess what I am trying to say is even when it is hard, always try to have patience. Because you never know if you just keep working and you stay a little patient, you have no idea where it all might lead you.

Carly 🙂

Feeling ‘Uncool’!!!!

Hey Guys,

I’m pretty sure at least some of you will be able to relate to this feeling, of being just completely uncool. I’m going to be honest I am definitely not the kind of girl to really ever go partying and especially where I am from, it is kind of odd I guess. So I definitely am the kind of person to look at others social media, and see them out clubbing and all dressed up and feeling a certain dissatisfaction with my life, simply because I just feel really friggin’ uncool.

I get afraid, I get really afraid the guys (potential boyfriends) will just see me as completely boring the girl that stays in every night. So to them I come off as completely uninteresting. The thing is, with my finances I only like to spend my money on things that I definitely will not regret and will only be things that I cherish. So spending my money on alcohol or going out to clubs, just seems like such a waster of time to me, because it is not something that I ever really enjoy.

But I guess, this makes me feel like some kind of odd ball in society, because let’s be real no body ever takes pictures of themselves chilling in their pj’s on a Saturday night. So it makes a lot of people feel inadequate. We feel as if, our lives do not measure up to everyone else’s. We are told to think that staying home and achieving as well as focusing on your ambitions, is not something to be proud of. That achieving all your life goals, too early means you never had any fun.

But at the end of the day it is all relative, like hey if you love going out and partying every power to you girl. But I also believe we need to be told that it is okay to be the opposite to. It is okay to be a lamo and stay at home to just relax, and not go out kissing 100 guys. It is simply okay to be just who you are and we shouldn’t be made to feel, as if we are uncool or inadequate. SO EMBRACE THE INNER LAMO.