Bad days!!!!

Hey Guys,

Okay yesterday we shall say my day was interesting, tbh I just had a normal start to my day all happy. And then, after work I thought I would deposit some of my cash into my account and when I did. The ATM machine went all crash and then bang. All of a sudden it just gave me my card back and kept my money. Of course I was completely freaking out, thinking am I ever going to see the money I desperately need ever again. Don’t worry that isn’t even the entire story. THERE’S MORE. So when I checked my account to double check that the money went in, I noticed another large sum of money that was taken out as an Itunes purchase which I definitely did not do.

So at this point I am completely freaking out. So I tried calling the bank’s 24 hour service and after been on hold for literally an hour they answer.  A lovely customer service lady was on the other end completely calming nerves. In the end they ended up filing a dispute claims and all of that jazz. In the midst of all of this I was completely panicking and was on the verge of crying.

Although the point of this story is, although this seemed completely crap in the moment nothing is ever actually as bad as it seems. Sometimes when you are going through some stuff it can feel like the whole world is ending. and there is no way you can fix all of the issues that may be occurring. However, sometimes all it takes if for us as individuals to get a little perspective and look at things from a different angle.

It would have been easy for me to just throw my hands up in the air, crying and somehow desperately hoping for the money to just re-appear into my account. But what would that have solved? Instead, I opted to try and solve my problems and try (note I said try) to stay as calm as possible so that your emotions do not cloud your judgement.

Because no problem is ever as bad as it seems and things really do sort themselves out faster than you think. Like for example my money situation they bank resurrected it and the money ended up back into my account the next day. And, all is good and the world and I am not completely exhausted mentally from the ordeal because I took greater responsibility of my emotions.

So just remember try and stay as positive as possible even when things honestly seem to be going shit, it works out better in the end.


Carly 🙂



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