Know your worth!!!!!!

Hey guys,

Today’s inspiration for my post came from one of my workplaces. Usually when you get a job you do as much as you can at that job in order to well you know not get fired. So you try your best and cover as many shifts as possible. But where do you draw the line?

There are so many times, where you could give your all to a workplace and then in return bosses just couldn’t care less; and are ready to replace you or kick you to the curb when it is time. My question to you is, should we treat our workplaces at times like we should with our relationships? At the end of the day it is where you are going to spend a lot of your time and should you be feeling miserable or put up with getting treated badly?

Because in the end we all have to know our worth. If we do not define our worth it means we let others dictate it for us. When we let others dictate our worth at times it means we are selling ourselves short. So when you go into a job, and you give your all to it and go above and beyond, and then allow ourselves to get yelled at by our boss for unreasonable reasons, we let them define our worth.

But at the same time. we all need money to eat and live so at the same time it makes leaving a job harder. Because let’s be real this job market is hard and even to get a normal hospitality job is insanely difficult so sometimes you do have to put up with it. My advice though is to just do the work requirements and do nothing more, do not go above and beyond for someone who does not appreciate it. Because in the end you are letting yourself down, and compromising your own worth.

I am the biggest believer in everything happens for a reason, and everything is a lesson. Sometimes dealing with and putting up with a shitty job is just the lesson you need, in order to go to the next level in life. And in time, when you are ready and you have worked hard for everything you have in life then the right opportunity will come and you will have the necessary skills required to handle whatever it may be. But in the meantime you need to find peace within yourself and define who you are.

I think it may be beneficial for anyone else who may also be going through this would be to write down anything a workplace or a boss is doing that may feel like they are demeaning you or making you feel less than you are worth and then scrunch it up and throw it away. This will help you restart your mind and then you will start to define and demand your self worth.

I will probably start posting heaps more and will definitely be putting another post up again tomorrow. Since like I have the day off so why not go exploring and see the beauty in life. 🙂

Carly xoxo


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