Hi there,

Yes I am back again after what feels like a crazy long break. Must have felt like i forgot this blog even existed. The thing is life got crazy busy again and I was just beyond way too tired to do anything. In fact, I was so tired that I haven’t even gone out to see my friends at all or do anything fun. Which is what brings me to this post today.

Basically, my crazy working hours meant that I felt as if I was just on autopilot or nothing short of some kind of robot. Then after working long hours for several days straight it all came crashing down on me. Something happened at work, where my boss completely inappropriately blamed me and yelled at me in a completely unprofessional manner. It ended with me being in tears and just completely like a failure. And that was the moment for me.

I feel as if you can think to yourself that you need to slow down and take some time off but it isn’t until it all comes crashing down on you that sometimes you actually end up taking the advice that you have been telling yourself. That is exactly what happened to me. We all suffer from negative thoughts and I definitely do and it wasn’t until the big drama with my boss that I actually realised how beneficial it may be to calm these negative voices in my head, and just take a day even if it is just one day off to myself.

So I have started to give myself a self-love hour every day ( I got this idea from a book called Mastering your Mean girl, I urge all of you to read). During my self-love hour  I will usually go for a run, to just really clear my head and I always feel incredibly amazing after I go for a run. I am also trying to meditate for even just 10 minutes a day with a mantra I say to myself and I just repeat over and over again to really give myself the self-love that I need. And also to make myself present in the moment and not to let the negative thoughts completely drown and consume me. I am also definitely going to take one day off a week, because I need it.

Because, let’s be honest you really do just need a day, just a day, to really clean up your house, do all that damn laundry and take care of all those bills that are piling up and stressing you out. My new motto is to wake up everyday and tackle the hardest bits of my day first so that the things that are consuming my mind are taken care of and I can then focus on the more positive bits of my day.

I’m not saying that practicing mindfulness is going to be easy, in fact I am sure there are days when I am going to feel like it isn’t even working. But as they say it takes 30 days for something to become a habit so if I manage to even stick at it for a day. I am sure my mind will reward me.

Why don’t you join me and try making your mind a more positive place.

Carly xoxo


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