Let your sparkle shine

Hey guys,

I think often as human beings we are afraid to brag. We are afraid to make other people feel inferior. We are afraid to show off how great we are. Since we are afraid of been seen as too cocky. Since it is human nature to want to be like by others, we are often afraid to take the path we need to by ourselves.

So instead, we often lower ourselves and we don’t take that risk or the next step. Because we never want to be better, than anyone for the fear of seeming to up ourselves or being to out of touch with reality of other people. Because for some reason we have developed into a society where we don’t really like to see other people doing better, so when us, as individuals try to do better than others everyone tries to tear you down. They say reach our dreams, but don’t dream too big because it will be impossible and you will never make it.

Just go to university and get a normal job like everyone else. But we don’t have to do that. We don’t all have to stop dreaming because of a few failures that have set us back. My favourite quote of all time is that you don’t know how close to success you were when you gave up. I think that is so true because the more you fail and the harder it gets, the closer you are to reaching that dream. Your dream is simply your dream and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Do not make yourself smaller, to make others feel better because at the end of the day the person you have to take the most care of is you, and the person you have to make happy first is you. Before you can ever look after or make anyone else happy. The most important person in your life should be you, because you can never let yourself down.

And absolutely no matter what let that sparkle shine within you, scream it from the rooftops, take that dream by the bloody balls and take steps even small steps to go and achieve that dream. Because my darling the first step to making a dream happen is to simply have one. You have a dream, and that is something that will make you want to wake up every day and it will make you look forward to every day. You will be excited to start your day and kick goals and having that is a lot more than most people can say.


Carly 🙂


Bad days!!!!

Hey Guys,

Okay yesterday we shall say my day was interesting, tbh I just had a normal start to my day all happy. And then, after work I thought I would deposit some of my cash into my account and when I did. The ATM machine went all crash and then bang. All of a sudden it just gave me my card back and kept my money. Of course I was completely freaking out, thinking am I ever going to see the money I desperately need ever again. Don’t worry that isn’t even the entire story. THERE’S MORE. So when I checked my account to double check that the money went in, I noticed another large sum of money that was taken out as an Itunes purchase which I definitely did not do.

So at this point I am completely freaking out. So I tried calling the bank’s 24 hour service and after been on hold for literally an hour they answer.  A lovely customer service lady was on the other end completely calming nerves. In the end they ended up filing a dispute claims and all of that jazz. In the midst of all of this I was completely panicking and was on the verge of crying.

Although the point of this story is, although this seemed completely crap in the moment nothing is ever actually as bad as it seems. Sometimes when you are going through some stuff it can feel like the whole world is ending. and there is no way you can fix all of the issues that may be occurring. However, sometimes all it takes if for us as individuals to get a little perspective and look at things from a different angle.

It would have been easy for me to just throw my hands up in the air, crying and somehow desperately hoping for the money to just re-appear into my account. But what would that have solved? Instead, I opted to try and solve my problems and try (note I said try) to stay as calm as possible so that your emotions do not cloud your judgement.

Because no problem is ever as bad as it seems and things really do sort themselves out faster than you think. Like for example my money situation they bank resurrected it and the money ended up back into my account the next day. And, all is good and the world and I am not completely exhausted mentally from the ordeal because I took greater responsibility of my emotions.

So just remember try and stay as positive as possible even when things honestly seem to be going shit, it works out better in the end.


Carly 🙂


It’s your life!!

Hey Guys,

Something is just completely compelling me to write this post, so I thought why not. A lot of time we can get caught up, with what we are supposed to do with our life and what others want us to do with our lives. That we forget what we really want to do.

Do you ever wonder why? Wonder why we listen to other people? Is it in the human nature to just always be looking for validation from other people? Maybe it has something to do with our caveman days, where we looked for approval. Honestly, who really knows. But I do know that at times this approval can hold you back from living your best life and been the best you.

At the end of the day, this is YOUR life and no one can take that away from you. So sometimes you really do have to ignore the opinions of others. There are times when my mum tells me what I am doing is too dangerous, that travelling alone is too dangerous. But if I was to never do these things. I wouldn’t be living my life anymore, and I wouldn’t be living the life I want to live. At times, the life you have to live may be a life others a disapproving of, but if you truly feel in you heart that this is something you want to do. Don’t stop. Chase your dreams. You deserve all the success that is going to come to you I promise.

The doubters, the haters and those that never believed it was a good idea, will soon see how happy you are. Because no matter how crazy the plan for your life may seem, and how to much of a dream it may seem like. Just do it. If you think you can then you definitely can. Never forget that.

You deserve to live your dream life.

Carly 🙂


Hey Guys,

The idea for this post came to me when I was on a run. Perhaps one of the most complex human emotions and that is fear. Fear that we are not good enough. The fear of failure. As human beings sometimes we fail to do what we want because of the fear of what might happen.

I see it all the time, when people are stuck in a job that they don’t want to do because they are fearful of the unknown. See when you can’t always control what is going to happen, because what you are doing perhaps isn’t the safe move and that always scares us. So I feel as if a lot of people spend their lives wondering what could have been.

This year I decided to take a few years off uni, because I absolutely hated it. I hated it the entire first year, the only thing that kept pushing me through finishing the first year of uni, was fear. I was fearful and afraid of what people would think, because quite frankly every time I bought it up, someone always had to mention that it would be such a mistake for me to leave. Obviously, these individuals have the best intentions for me and in no way are they trying to make my life miserable. But my point here is everyone is so afraid of the unknown even if it does not directly affect them.

I can’t even imagine going through life, doing everything because you were too afraid to try something. I am absolutely at times terrified to do a blog post, because there are obviously so many thoughts running through my mind. Like what if everyone just judges what I write? Even though, a lot of people won’t read this I do bare all my thoughts to you guys. This is me at my most vulnerable. Because as much as it scares me this is also my safe space. A place for me to truly express myself.

Imagine. If everyone had a safe space that they could go and be themselves, I do believe this world would be an extremely different place. Because in life you sometimes just have to follow your heart and do what absolutely scares you to death and, what makes your heart pound at the thought of it. Because at the end of the day that is how we grow as individuals and people. No one ever changed their life or created the life they wanted for themselves by doing what made them feel safe. Are you in a relationship because you are comfortable and not because you truly love them with all your soul and heart? Honey, I know it is scary but maybe it might be time to make that first step because you are way too awesome to be half loved because you are afraid of a greater love.

Just because you don’t have a lot of money it doesn’t mean you can’t travel and get out there in the world. Because at the end of the day neither do i, but if you truly believe in something with all your heart and soul and you feel it with your entire body, then go the bloody hell for it. Don’t stop and don’t let anybody stop you, especially don’t let that little fearful voice stop you. I am going to keep pouring my heart into these blog posts because well, I love it and being afraid just isn’t a good enough excuse to stop doing it.

Here’s to never letting fear get in the way and following what your heart desires. You deserve it.

Carly 🙂

Be Grateful!!

Hey guys,

I have done a lot of thinking today about how much my life has changed in the past few months and how much it has even changed just over the course of the week. A week ago I was stressed and financially insecure and I was extremely worried about my employment opportunities. Fast forward to this week and I am about to leave a job that was causing me so much grief and take up a full time opportunity at a job that I love.

All of this got me thinking that we really need to appreciate life in the moment, often we are so busy thinking about our next step we forget to appreciate the steps we have already taken and the step we are standing on. Once we get that job promotion we have been longing for we often look for how we can get the next one; without fully being appreciative and grateful for the promotion we have already been given. That is why I am now going to start been a lot more grateful in my life for what I have. Because if I am not happy now it doesn’t matter were I travel to or where I go I will never be happy because I will always be looking for more.

One way to completely transform your life isn’t really to do with some drastic like moving countries or changing a job sometimes it is all about a change in mindset. This will inevitably will attract more positive things into your life and essentially give you the life you dream of. It all starts with the mindset.

This is why, I have practiced having a much more grateful heart one that no matter how crap or how awesome my day is I will always find something to be grateful about. No matter how small it could simply be, I am grateful that I was able to put food on the table tonight or you were able to call your mum to tell her you love her. It is all about rewiring your brain from focusing on the negatives to focusing on the positives.

So I encourage everyone, whether that be at the beginning of the day or the end of the day write down three things you are grateful for in your life. I promise it will transform how you see the world. Always be kind to others and be grateful for what you have.

Carly 🙂

Everything happens for a reason!!!!

Hey guys,

I thought I would pop on here again because sometimes life just has a funny way of working. For a few months now, I have put up with a boss that was lets just say not the best boss in the world, and I have spent a lot of nights crying over it.

Well, fast forward today and one of my jobs that I absolutely love asked me to work for them full time which is great in the sense that I absolutely love working for them and it is such an amazing opportunity. But at the same time, it is less money since, two jobs brings in a lovely income. But, having one almost cuts that income in half, which stresses me out to no end. And it got me thinking, the universe has provided me with this amazing opportunity and it is up to me to decide what I do with it. It provided me with a way out. So am I going to go for it?

When they first asked me I said yes, without even giving in a second thought thinking what a great way to escape my totalitarian boss. At the same time now that it has all sunk in, I am so very afraid. I am afraid of the lower income and just generally afraid that if things don’t work out how I would want.  But, I also know that it is this fear that is completely holding me back in life, and it is holding me back from achieving any of my dreams. Maybe, this is the universes way of telling me to let it all go and, it will take care of me I just have to trust it. I already told my boss that I would leave one job for sure by the 1st of May, but then I go and tell the other one I can maybe do a day or two. Maybe, it is because I am always half in and half out that is why I am so discontent with myself.

I also, think in me letting go and trusting the universe I am giving up a certain amount of control, and that is probably the real problem here. Is that I am afraid to lose that control that I seem to have in that aspect of my life. This may be the lesson that I need to learn from this and that is to give up a part of the control I have over my life, in order to move to the next stage of my life. Working less and having a stable income means that I can focus more on this blog, And this blog brings me so much happiness and joy. And, as I have said a million times that this year to me, was all about happiness and discovering what I love. So, I need to stop bloody procrastinating and making excuses for why my life is not how I want it and start making it actually how I want it.

Let’s create our dream lives loves.

Carly 🙂

Know your worth!!!!!!

Hey guys,

Today’s inspiration for my post came from one of my workplaces. Usually when you get a job you do as much as you can at that job in order to well you know not get fired. So you try your best and cover as many shifts as possible. But where do you draw the line?

There are so many times, where you could give your all to a workplace and then in return bosses just couldn’t care less; and are ready to replace you or kick you to the curb when it is time. My question to you is, should we treat our workplaces at times like we should with our relationships? At the end of the day it is where you are going to spend a lot of your time and should you be feeling miserable or put up with getting treated badly?

Because in the end we all have to know our worth. If we do not define our worth it means we let others dictate it for us. When we let others dictate our worth at times it means we are selling ourselves short. So when you go into a job, and you give your all to it and go above and beyond, and then allow ourselves to get yelled at by our boss for unreasonable reasons, we let them define our worth.

But at the same time. we all need money to eat and live so at the same time it makes leaving a job harder. Because let’s be real this job market is hard and even to get a normal hospitality job is insanely difficult so sometimes you do have to put up with it. My advice though is to just do the work requirements and do nothing more, do not go above and beyond for someone who does not appreciate it. Because in the end you are letting yourself down, and compromising your own worth.

I am the biggest believer in everything happens for a reason, and everything is a lesson. Sometimes dealing with and putting up with a shitty job is just the lesson you need, in order to go to the next level in life. And in time, when you are ready and you have worked hard for everything you have in life then the right opportunity will come and you will have the necessary skills required to handle whatever it may be. But in the meantime you need to find peace within yourself and define who you are.

I think it may be beneficial for anyone else who may also be going through this would be to write down anything a workplace or a boss is doing that may feel like they are demeaning you or making you feel less than you are worth and then scrunch it up and throw it away. This will help you restart your mind and then you will start to define and demand your self worth.

I will probably start posting heaps more and will definitely be putting another post up again tomorrow. Since like I have the day off so why not go exploring and see the beauty in life. 🙂

Carly xoxo