Dreams turned to Plans!!!!

Hey there,

Well, I have seriously just had some kind of epiphany in the last day or so. First off, to be completely honest I really had not been that happy with one of my jobs, it is pretty much a drag to go there and I really do not like going. You know when you have just reached that place in one of your jobs when you know in your heart it is time to leave. I have always said that about this job in particular and I have never really left it because something in me always wanted to stay there for a little longer. But then suddenly, I just came to the realisation that it really is not for me. And as individuals we are in charge of our own happiness. So I decided to take charge of mine, so I am dedicating my time to finding myself a job that will suit my needs for this moment. Even if that means I will have to apply to hundreds of jobs honestly I will do it. Because, life really is too precious to be stressing out or been unhappy about where you are, when you can simply just change it.

Don’t think this thought process all came easily to me though. I have spent countless hours making excuses for myself and telling myself, that it is way to much effort to change jobs or they are all the same. When the reality of it is, you never know and sometimes you just need a little courage to take that step.

In addition, as we are well aware because I keep talking about it I absolutely am in love with Hawaii, and ever since I have come back I have made it my mission to try and move over there for at least a year, and see what happens to me from there. So I have, spent countless hours trying to figure out how I can get a visa to go over to Hawaii, and I kept on hitting roadblocks. There was a point where honestly I didn’t even know if it was possible that it was even going to work out. But luckily, I had come across a certain visa called a J-1 visa and a lot of companies that do a 12 month work and travel. Which I didn’t even know if I was eligible for it since I am already taking a gap year form university this year. And I, for some reason heard you were only able to take a maximum of one year off uni before having to go back. However, I just looked on my universities website and it says I can take a maximum of two years off university which makes me eligible for the visa. I know this is what I am meant to be doing because it makes me so incredibly happy to think about and even gets me a little giddy inside.

I am so incredibly happy about this, because I feel like I am  really beginning to find my passion and who I want to be. I absolutely love travelling more than anything. And I think it took my life to be turned upside down in order for me to find it. So right now especially if you are going through a hard time and see no light at the end of the tunnel. Just know that there is a reason you are going through hell right now. You must go through hell to get to paradise.


Carly xoxo




Hey everyone,

Long time no see, I went on a holiday to Hawaii, which was incredibly amazing and there will definitely be a blog post coming on that soon. And I did begin writing one when I got back but it really just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to and I wasn’t happy with it so I will rewrite it later in the week.

However, last night I was sitting in my room and had come to the realisation that we are already in March of 2017. And boy how fast the time has gone in 2017 already, which in a way made me kind of stress out. The thing is I’m only 19 and I do feel that when you are young you have this idea that you just have so much time to do a lot of things Therefore, I feel as if the days just pass you by and you never actually do anything with your time.  When I started 2017, I had all of these great and big ideas of what I might be able to achieve this year. It all began with exercising, which to be honest I stopped doing because it made my joints hurt and I really wasn’t enjoying it that much so I stopped doing that. And then I wanted to eat healthier and try to cut out those goddamn soft drinks that I am quite clearly addicted to. But then I came back from Hawaii and ended up having no money and so I have just been eating and drinking whatever I get my hands on.


Lastly, the biggest thing that I really wanted to make a priority in 2017 was this blog. I wanted to dedicate as much time to it is as possible because quite frankly I absolutely love writing on it. I can assure you guys that there is never a day where this blog is not on my mind or the most important thing to me. The problem is, I simply just let time go by I work three jobs and when I get home I just make so many excuses for myself, and usually I am really too tired to do anything I basically just go right to sleep.

So basically, what I want to do this March is try and stick to as many goals as I possible can. Which even includes going to Barre classes because I had found out that they are actually not too bad on the joints and going to a class might make me more likely to want to exercise. Since the classes are often likely to change up their routines and all, I’m likely to not get bored and be more motivated to stick to exercising. The main reason why I really want to get into exercise is because, I can get quite stressed with working so much and always worrying about my jobs. So I am hoping with exercise I can have a more balanced mind and in that case have a much better year.

I want to try and write on this blog with every chance I get, and anytime spare time that I have since honestly writing on this gives me so much joy and it just helps me think things through with my life. I want to constantly be thinking of content ideas, I really want to get into exploring new places and taking pictures for all of you to see. I really just want to get all my goals back on track. And March is the time to do that. So for all of you that may not have really stuck to your goals. It really is never too late and March is the time to refresh.

Carly xoxo