I am back. I haven’t written a blog post in a while for no other good reason than I was super busy working everyday and I was so exhausted I just would go home and nap and then wake up groggy.Anyway, though now that, it is all over I am completely free to go back to writing again.

This blog post was inspired when I ran my mum crying one day this week after work, about how I just don’t feel good enough at my job. And as she was talking to me she put a lot of things and issues I was having into perspective. Which I really wanted to share on here.

As a perfectionist nothing you ever do is going to be good enough for yourself. Because every little things matters and even if you make one small mistake to you it becomes a huge issue, even if other people don’t really care about it. Such as maybe the boss just letting me know something I am doing which is not right. To me it is symbolising that I just failed at something. However, my boss obviously doesn’t mean it that way.

What I am trying to say here is to a perfectionist when one thing goes wrong it seems like the biggest deal in the world. Since being a perfectionist means wanting to do everything perfect and right all the time. I have personally struggled with this for a really long time ever since I was little. I was always the student who wanted to get 100% in everything or get that A+ and I’m not sure what my motivation was other than for my own pride. I am not actually sure why I have ever strived to be the best.

It becomes quite difficult for me at times, as I am a person that tried to cram a tonne of things in the day and want to do everything exactly right. However, I cram way too much into my day for that to be possible. And in turn I end up really disappointing myself all the time. But since I have devoted my 2017 to being the most positive year yet, I have come up with a few mantras and things to tell myself when things aren’t going just right, to give myself a little morale boost.

1.) Just breathe.

Simple I know but I think as human beings we forget the value of breathing and how it can really control our mindset in different ways. When things aren’t going quite right and you really start to freak out you breathing becomes shallow and very rapid. In turn I believe it hypes up your brain and makes you freak out more. If you just stop for 5 minutes and took some calming deep breaths I think you will find that you think more clearly.

2.) It’s okay to make a mistake

I think as people in general we try not to make mistakes whether we are perfectionists or not because I think we just don’t want to disappoint ourselves with the expectations we place upon ourselves. But I have been trying to come to terms with how great mistakes can be and how much we can learn from them. In many cases mistakes are necessary for us to grow as people.

3.) When things do go your way appreciate it.

I am definitely one of those people, that when things go right in my head I feel as if i self-sabotage and wait for the next bad thing to happen, without ever fully being appreciative of the moment that everything was going right for me. So therefore, in my mind everything in my life felt against me because I was never really taking it in, when it was great.

I hope this helps and you are welcome to share any ideas.

Carly 🙂


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