De-cluttering your mind!!

Oh boy I am literally the worst offender of not been able to keep a clean room. I don’t know about you but when my days get busy, I just chuck everything wherever in my room and then completely pass out on my bed. Now I don’t know about you but I just realised how having a messy room or just a messy space in general can often, make your mind feel more cluttered and it becomes easier to get stressed.

So today I was on a mission, and that was at the very least to just pull everything out of my room and have it organised and clean. So that when I come into my bedroom it is a place f relaxation and a place where I can really clear my mind. Because I do find that it is a lot harder to unwind when you are literally stepping over all kinds of things on your floor. And shoving things off your bed so that you can just lie in it.

Trust me, for me keeping a room clean is incredibly hard since well I am a bloody messy person. I often describe myself as organised chaos and it is actually pretty hard for me to keep everything organised. At the end of the day I do believe this is why I struggle so much in terms of stress. Because when one thing goes wrong something else also does because somehow I am not able to find something. Then my life ends up on complete shams. So as a part of this whole new year new me kind of thing i have decided to make it a habit. That at the end of every day no matter how tired I am I clean whatever mess I have made on the floor that day. As they say usually it takes a month for something to become a habit. So hopefully somehow if I force myself to do this for a month it will become a habit, and I will forever have an awesome and tidy room.

Okay, to be completely honest there is a high chance that no matter how much I force myself I will not be able to clean my room every night even a little bit. Well, because a girl gets tired and just wants to sleep. But my point here is, that no matter how uncharacteristic it may be for you if you have a behaviour that you can change that may make your life better. Then go ahead and do it, life is seriously way too short to be spending it not as happy as you could be.

If anyone else has experience with this, write it down below.


Carly xoxo



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