The importance of taking time out for you

I think we can all be the biggest offenders of just never allowing enough time for ourselves. We all become very consumed in our careers and even just simply the human desire to make money can sometimes mean we miss out on a lot of fun opportunities.

I am personally a hug offender of this, even last summer I think I went to the beach only once and on most of the other days I honestly just worked and when I wasn’t working, I’m pretty sure I was at home just sleeping. At the time I never really realised how much time I was wasting, because honestly I wasn’t that happy since I wasn’t even enjoying life. That continued honestly throughout the year. I barely even saw my friends that often because I become very consumed in other areas of my life and I had spent the large majority of my time being miserable and wishing for a different life.

But at the end of the day, sometimes you just need to take the time out for you. One thing I’m really trying to do, is even just take one day off work because losing one day off pay isn’t going to kill me and in the long run it will make me so much less stressed. Because when you are constantly at work, it is basically all you are ever thinking about and it just consumes you and at the end of the day money can only make you so happy. So I am pledging to myself and encourage other to pledge to just take the time out for you whether that be hanging out with friends or just simply enjoying a new adventure; or even visiting a new place.

Below are a few things you can do, in taking that time out for you.

1.) Visit a beach

I have never really appreciated how great a beach can be and when I was younger it was definitely something I took for granted. The beach was just a place where I would swim in the water. But now when I go it is a place where I feel like I can completely relax, where the sound of the waves seem to wash away the worries I have on my mind. The beach is simply a place where you can go with friends or you can go by yourself, and it can make you feel completely happy.

2.) Spend time out of your day meditating

I definitely feel like meditating can seriously improve you quality of life significantly it offers you mind a place of retreat, where you can just become present in the moment. It also allows your brain to put a lot of things into perspective whether this may include a fight you may have had with someone important in your life or just simply life stressing you out in general. Meditating can just put it all into perspective for you.

3.) Spending time with friends

This one is definitely one, that I think a lot of people actually probably don’t do enough of. You would be surprised at how quickly you will forget a lot of the things that were worrying you. Because even just simply laughing with a friend is so great for the mind. And also since humans can be quite dependent on having meaningful connections with other people, you can be surprised at how quickly your mood will improve.

4.) Cleaning your room/house

I know all of you are probably going to be eye rolling at this one. But seriously cleaning out your house or room means your mind becomes de cluttered. When everything is messy and disordered it can become quite hard to organise yourself or even get your life organised at all; that can include scheduling hang outs with your friends. When your room is clean you are going to be surprised at how much easier it is to even just get out of bed and get your day started.


So this year I want everyone to just take the time out for you, to enjoy life.


Carly xoxo 🙂






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