Your Thoughts Determine So Much

So basically, we are like the 5th day into the new year and I guess I could say I already had my first bad day of the new year. Basically every year I always tell myself how the year is going to be so positive for me and then as soon as I hit one bad day I swear I let my thoughts run wild and then it all tumbles from there.

And now, I am starting to tell myself that no matter how bad a day could be in 2017, that does not make the year 2017 bad. The way you view things and your thoughts can really impact it and so okay today was a bad day, but let’s focus on tomorrow being a great day. Here are some tips on how to get yourself to think more positively.

1.) My 365 Day Book

I have bought a book to write in so that every day before I go to bed, I write out something amazing or even just something happy that happened that day even if it is small. Because apparently if you can think of enough positive things and try to remember as many positive things your brain then starts to re-wire itself.

Also my 365 day book is from Kiki-K.

2.) Give yourself a nice relaxing bath

It is important that when you have had a difficult or long day, just give yourself time to completely unwind and let go of all the stressors that may be affecting you, and your emotions negatively. Even put on some spa music and load that bath up with lush bath bombs. As well as lighting those candles to truly give yourself that spa experience and let your brain just let go of its worries. (Trust me you will feel sooooo much better, plus who doesn’t love lush bath bombs).

Some of my personal fav bath bombs:

  • Shoot for the Stars
  • intergalactic
  • Sex Bomb
  • The Experimenter

My go to spa music:

3 hours relaxing music “Evening Meditation.”

3.) Turn off all technology before bed

Especially if I have had a particularly negative day, one thing I love to do before bed is completely turn off all technology and do things such as meditate or read a book. Personally as of late I have loved reading books before bed, one of my absolute faves is Kyly Clarkes book True to You. It is nice to fill your head with empowering and positive messages before bed, to make sure you go to bed in a good mood and then the next day you will wake up feeling so much more positive.

Meditation App- I love using the mindfulness meditation app, really makes you aware of your surroundings.

4.) Go for a run, walk or do some form of exercise

There is nothing some good old endorphins cannot fix. So if you are feeling completely down get yourself up and do some form of exercise. Because honestly dying and running out of breath will completely take your mind off any worries you may have. But also just partaking in any form of exercise will make you feel better, just because you feel like you are doing something with your day. Plus it may help you get that summer bod. 🙂

So what do you guys do to unwind, and be more positive?


Carly xoxo 🙂


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