Fav Pj’s (everyone should buy :))

Basically as I have said before I want to make 2017 my year and this includes that I want to try posting a range of posts and that is starting now I am going to experiment.

Basically, I absolutely love pyjama’s like I actually live in them so, I picked out two of my fav’s and also they are inexpensive which is just so bomb and they last a long time, which can be a struggle when coming to Pyjama’s especially if you wear them all the time.

These first ones have to be my absolute favourite evveeerrr. First off the pattern is just so super cute and adorable. Also the pattern sort of makes me feel kind of fashionable in PJ’s because the pattern really adds something.  And in addition to that, I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem but because sometimes especially on a day off I pretty much live in my pyjama’s so I  wear them quite a lot. And because of that, some pyjamas, pill a lot easier or the quality in them sort of fades, and it is honestly one of my greatest pet peeves when it comes to pyjamas. But I find that with these ones even though I wear them quite a bit the quality is still in tact and they have not deteriorated at all. So these I recommend to you 100% and they are super comfy and the waist band on the pants fits well but it isn’t snug which makes it super comfy to sleep in.

15857527_1377573542292937_1996950240_o  You can buy these at cotton on for $60 I got them on sale for $30 though so they may be on sale again.


These next Pyjama’s, are a little but of mix and match but I still think they are really super cute. First off the pyjama shorts which are from Sportsgirl are seriously the most comfortable pj shorts. And I’m not sure what the material is but they are literally the comfiest things to sleep in. As well as the stripes on the shorts make it for quite cute sleepwear. In addition, to this honestly the top is actually nothing special but I really thought the message on it was kind of cool, really reminds me of summer on the beach which I actually love the beach. So if you are anywhere in the world and suffering from winter blues these PJ’s may even cheer you up a little.

15902724_1377573502292941_421515761_oThe pants came in a set for $60 from sports girl and the top was $7 from cotton on. (Also the dressing gown is the comfiest thing ever and is $80 from bras and things if you are interested).

So I’m not sure if this post was that much of a success but I am experimenting and trust me it will get better.


Carly xoxo 🙂






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