Ever been so caught up in the rat race of life that you actually just forgot to breathe for two seconds.

For the past few months, all I have been doing is working myself into the ground without even taking any time to realise what is around me. For the past two weeks I have worked every day non-stop and then it finally became too much for me, I was getting grumpy, negative, tired, exhausted and a hell of a lot more emotional.

If I am going to be completely honest with you, I have always thought that I’m the type of person that never really liked the country lifestyle and I never really wanted to slow down. I always thought I liked the hustle and bustle of the city. Let me tell you though I now finally understand why my parents always wanted to go somewhere quite for a break. Because the constant working, pushing and stress placed on individuals in the city is quite astronomical. I think as human beings we always need just a little time to take out for ourselves and somewhere, where we will not be consumed by our phones or the internet for 15 hours a day. A time to just detox.

Although in many aspects I am quite a lucky person, I am also an extremely stressed person. And as I have been thinking what makes us most stressed, and that may be your job? But what makes you get up for that job everyday. That is probably money. And what makes you want money? Human desire. The human desire can be an extremely dangerous thing. The problem with it is, intellectually we know what is goof for us. But we will always follow what desire tells us, since that emotion is so strong. An example may be going back to a bad ex. We constantly are putting our emotions and self-value at risk because of desire.

That is half the reason why we all work so hard and sometimes don’t even really know where our destination is. That is why we all get caught up in the rat race of life.

Thats’s why I decided after a completely hectic and crazy few months, to just go down to my parents house. To just unwind and take a break from constantly looking at the internet, and wishing my life was different. Because the thing is on the internet everyone portray’s an image of their life, that really might not be that true. So I am taking that break for myself to just simply recharge my batteries and get my head a little more clear thinking.

Because the most important thing is, to stay true to you.


Carly xoxo 🙂




I am back. I haven’t written a blog post in a while for no other good reason than I was super busy working everyday and I was so exhausted I just would go home and nap and then wake up groggy.Anyway, though now that, it is all over I am completely free to go back to writing again.

This blog post was inspired when I ran my mum crying one day this week after work, about how I just don’t feel good enough at my job. And as she was talking to me she put a lot of things and issues I was having into perspective. Which I really wanted to share on here.

As a perfectionist nothing you ever do is going to be good enough for yourself. Because every little things matters and even if you make one small mistake to you it becomes a huge issue, even if other people don’t really care about it. Such as maybe the boss just letting me know something I am doing which is not right. To me it is symbolising that I just failed at something. However, my boss obviously doesn’t mean it that way.

What I am trying to say here is to a perfectionist when one thing goes wrong it seems like the biggest deal in the world. Since being a perfectionist means wanting to do everything perfect and right all the time. I have personally struggled with this for a really long time ever since I was little. I was always the student who wanted to get 100% in everything or get that A+ and I’m not sure what my motivation was other than for my own pride. I am not actually sure why I have ever strived to be the best.

It becomes quite difficult for me at times, as I am a person that tried to cram a tonne of things in the day and want to do everything exactly right. However, I cram way too much into my day for that to be possible. And in turn I end up really disappointing myself all the time. But since I have devoted my 2017 to being the most positive year yet, I have come up with a few mantras and things to tell myself when things aren’t going just right, to give myself a little morale boost.

1.) Just breathe.

Simple I know but I think as human beings we forget the value of breathing and how it can really control our mindset in different ways. When things aren’t going quite right and you really start to freak out you breathing becomes shallow and very rapid. In turn I believe it hypes up your brain and makes you freak out more. If you just stop for 5 minutes and took some calming deep breaths I think you will find that you think more clearly.

2.) It’s okay to make a mistake

I think as people in general we try not to make mistakes whether we are perfectionists or not because I think we just don’t want to disappoint ourselves with the expectations we place upon ourselves. But I have been trying to come to terms with how great mistakes can be and how much we can learn from them. In many cases mistakes are necessary for us to grow as people.

3.) When things do go your way appreciate it.

I am definitely one of those people, that when things go right in my head I feel as if i self-sabotage and wait for the next bad thing to happen, without ever fully being appreciative of the moment that everything was going right for me. So therefore, in my mind everything in my life felt against me because I was never really taking it in, when it was great.

I hope this helps and you are welcome to share any ideas.

Carly 🙂

De-cluttering your mind!!

Oh boy I am literally the worst offender of not been able to keep a clean room. I don’t know about you but when my days get busy, I just chuck everything wherever in my room and then completely pass out on my bed. Now I don’t know about you but I just realised how having a messy room or just a messy space in general can often, make your mind feel more cluttered and it becomes easier to get stressed.

So today I was on a mission, and that was at the very least to just pull everything out of my room and have it organised and clean. So that when I come into my bedroom it is a place f relaxation and a place where I can really clear my mind. Because I do find that it is a lot harder to unwind when you are literally stepping over all kinds of things on your floor. And shoving things off your bed so that you can just lie in it.

Trust me, for me keeping a room clean is incredibly hard since well I am a bloody messy person. I often describe myself as organised chaos and it is actually pretty hard for me to keep everything organised. At the end of the day I do believe this is why I struggle so much in terms of stress. Because when one thing goes wrong something else also does because somehow I am not able to find something. Then my life ends up on complete shams. So as a part of this whole new year new me kind of thing i have decided to make it a habit. That at the end of every day no matter how tired I am I clean whatever mess I have made on the floor that day. As they say usually it takes a month for something to become a habit. So hopefully somehow if I force myself to do this for a month it will become a habit, and I will forever have an awesome and tidy room.

Okay, to be completely honest there is a high chance that no matter how much I force myself I will not be able to clean my room every night even a little bit. Well, because a girl gets tired and just wants to sleep. But my point here is, that no matter how uncharacteristic it may be for you if you have a behaviour that you can change that may make your life better. Then go ahead and do it, life is seriously way too short to be spending it not as happy as you could be.

If anyone else has experience with this, write it down below.


Carly xoxo


Bad Days and Feeling Lost!!

Oh gosh talk about bad days I literally just wrote this post out, and instead of clicking publish I pressed new post. But you know what maybe it was just a sign to rewrite what I said. I am trying to make this a positive space, but I am also only human and I think a lot can be learned about sharing each others experiences on this topic.

It is days like this, where I have a lot of time to think about how my life is going, to only in a way been completely let down by the life I have created for myself. I often feel like I am in this rut. A rut that I can’t actually get out of. I am at a point in my life where I feel completely freaking lost. I have absolutely no direction in what I am doing and that in itself is completely frustrating for me. Because I think I spent a lot of my time particularly in the last year trying to convince myself that university is what I wanted and the course I was doing was the right path for me. So in a sense I think I have always been afraid to admit that I am lost. So I desperately try not to be lost and in that I make myself even more lost. it is a vicious cycle. I have always been the girl with a clear plan, never have I ever not had a career goal or something that I am desperately striving for. Yet here I am.

So for me, my biggest problem is and was that because I had always tried to give myself some sort of career goal to consistently strive towards. I never really learnt about myself and what I really wanted to do. Therefore, it has ultimately led me here.

I think what also makes I guess “finding myself” or “finding what I want to do” extremely hard for me, is that I am a perfectionist. So every time I do something or try something I just want it to be perfect and do it perfectly. This is simply not how the world works and therefore I get even more frustrated and essentially it puts me off trying new things. Which is basically what I am trying to combat this year, is to sort of ignore my perfectionism and do everything. And if I mess up that is okay  to. But at the same time it is extremely hard to put that into practice.

Hence, why this year I have booked lots of travelling to really give myself the opportunity to grow and find out more about myself. But that in itself is stressing me out because questions keep arising in my head, “have I bitten off more than I can chew?” This is a little bit of self-doubt talk, which you definitely shouldn’t listen to. But I am also a thinker, so these thoughts hardly ever leave my head. But I am honestly hoping that I can find myself and who I am, so that I become a little less lost. ( Looks like I am going through my quarter life crisis a little early).

Is anyone else going through this?

Carly 🙂

The importance of taking time out for you

I think we can all be the biggest offenders of just never allowing enough time for ourselves. We all become very consumed in our careers and even just simply the human desire to make money can sometimes mean we miss out on a lot of fun opportunities.

I am personally a hug offender of this, even last summer I think I went to the beach only once and on most of the other days I honestly just worked and when I wasn’t working, I’m pretty sure I was at home just sleeping. At the time I never really realised how much time I was wasting, because honestly I wasn’t that happy since I wasn’t even enjoying life. That continued honestly throughout the year. I barely even saw my friends that often because I become very consumed in other areas of my life and I had spent the large majority of my time being miserable and wishing for a different life.

But at the end of the day, sometimes you just need to take the time out for you. One thing I’m really trying to do, is even just take one day off work because losing one day off pay isn’t going to kill me and in the long run it will make me so much less stressed. Because when you are constantly at work, it is basically all you are ever thinking about and it just consumes you and at the end of the day money can only make you so happy. So I am pledging to myself and encourage other to pledge to just take the time out for you whether that be hanging out with friends or just simply enjoying a new adventure; or even visiting a new place.

Below are a few things you can do, in taking that time out for you.

1.) Visit a beach

I have never really appreciated how great a beach can be and when I was younger it was definitely something I took for granted. The beach was just a place where I would swim in the water. But now when I go it is a place where I feel like I can completely relax, where the sound of the waves seem to wash away the worries I have on my mind. The beach is simply a place where you can go with friends or you can go by yourself, and it can make you feel completely happy.

2.) Spend time out of your day meditating

I definitely feel like meditating can seriously improve you quality of life significantly it offers you mind a place of retreat, where you can just become present in the moment. It also allows your brain to put a lot of things into perspective whether this may include a fight you may have had with someone important in your life or just simply life stressing you out in general. Meditating can just put it all into perspective for you.

3.) Spending time with friends

This one is definitely one, that I think a lot of people actually probably don’t do enough of. You would be surprised at how quickly you will forget a lot of the things that were worrying you. Because even just simply laughing with a friend is so great for the mind. And also since humans can be quite dependent on having meaningful connections with other people, you can be surprised at how quickly your mood will improve.

4.) Cleaning your room/house

I know all of you are probably going to be eye rolling at this one. But seriously cleaning out your house or room means your mind becomes de cluttered. When everything is messy and disordered it can become quite hard to organise yourself or even get your life organised at all; that can include scheduling hang outs with your friends. When your room is clean you are going to be surprised at how much easier it is to even just get out of bed and get your day started.


So this year I want everyone to just take the time out for you, to enjoy life.


Carly xoxo 🙂





Your Thoughts Determine So Much

So basically, we are like the 5th day into the new year and I guess I could say I already had my first bad day of the new year. Basically every year I always tell myself how the year is going to be so positive for me and then as soon as I hit one bad day I swear I let my thoughts run wild and then it all tumbles from there.

And now, I am starting to tell myself that no matter how bad a day could be in 2017, that does not make the year 2017 bad. The way you view things and your thoughts can really impact it and so okay today was a bad day, but let’s focus on tomorrow being a great day. Here are some tips on how to get yourself to think more positively.

1.) My 365 Day Book

I have bought a book to write in so that every day before I go to bed, I write out something amazing or even just something happy that happened that day even if it is small. Because apparently if you can think of enough positive things and try to remember as many positive things your brain then starts to re-wire itself.

Also my 365 day book is from Kiki-K.

2.) Give yourself a nice relaxing bath

It is important that when you have had a difficult or long day, just give yourself time to completely unwind and let go of all the stressors that may be affecting you, and your emotions negatively. Even put on some spa music and load that bath up with lush bath bombs. As well as lighting those candles to truly give yourself that spa experience and let your brain just let go of its worries. (Trust me you will feel sooooo much better, plus who doesn’t love lush bath bombs).

Some of my personal fav bath bombs:

  • Shoot for the Stars
  • intergalactic
  • Sex Bomb
  • The Experimenter

My go to spa music:

3 hours relaxing music “Evening Meditation.”

3.) Turn off all technology before bed

Especially if I have had a particularly negative day, one thing I love to do before bed is completely turn off all technology and do things such as meditate or read a book. Personally as of late I have loved reading books before bed, one of my absolute faves is Kyly Clarkes book True to You. It is nice to fill your head with empowering and positive messages before bed, to make sure you go to bed in a good mood and then the next day you will wake up feeling so much more positive.

Meditation App- I love using the mindfulness meditation app, really makes you aware of your surroundings.

4.) Go for a run, walk or do some form of exercise

There is nothing some good old endorphins cannot fix. So if you are feeling completely down get yourself up and do some form of exercise. Because honestly dying and running out of breath will completely take your mind off any worries you may have. But also just partaking in any form of exercise will make you feel better, just because you feel like you are doing something with your day. Plus it may help you get that summer bod. 🙂

So what do you guys do to unwind, and be more positive?


Carly xoxo 🙂

Fav Pj’s (everyone should buy :))

Basically as I have said before I want to make 2017 my year and this includes that I want to try posting a range of posts and that is starting now I am going to experiment.

Basically, I absolutely love pyjama’s like I actually live in them so, I picked out two of my fav’s and also they are inexpensive which is just so bomb and they last a long time, which can be a struggle when coming to Pyjama’s especially if you wear them all the time.

These first ones have to be my absolute favourite evveeerrr. First off the pattern is just so super cute and adorable. Also the pattern sort of makes me feel kind of fashionable in PJ’s because the pattern really adds something.  And in addition to that, I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem but because sometimes especially on a day off I pretty much live in my pyjama’s so I  wear them quite a lot. And because of that, some pyjamas, pill a lot easier or the quality in them sort of fades, and it is honestly one of my greatest pet peeves when it comes to pyjamas. But I find that with these ones even though I wear them quite a bit the quality is still in tact and they have not deteriorated at all. So these I recommend to you 100% and they are super comfy and the waist band on the pants fits well but it isn’t snug which makes it super comfy to sleep in.

15857527_1377573542292937_1996950240_o  You can buy these at cotton on for $60 I got them on sale for $30 though so they may be on sale again.


These next Pyjama’s, are a little but of mix and match but I still think they are really super cute. First off the pyjama shorts which are from Sportsgirl are seriously the most comfortable pj shorts. And I’m not sure what the material is but they are literally the comfiest things to sleep in. As well as the stripes on the shorts make it for quite cute sleepwear. In addition, to this honestly the top is actually nothing special but I really thought the message on it was kind of cool, really reminds me of summer on the beach which I actually love the beach. So if you are anywhere in the world and suffering from winter blues these PJ’s may even cheer you up a little.

15902724_1377573502292941_421515761_oThe pants came in a set for $60 from sports girl and the top was $7 from cotton on. (Also the dressing gown is the comfiest thing ever and is $80 from bras and things if you are interested).

So I’m not sure if this post was that much of a success but I am experimenting and trust me it will get better.


Carly xoxo 🙂