Moving On!! :)

OH ME GOSH!!! It has been 5 days since I last posted and tbh there is no specific reason as to why I have not posted besides the fact that; well this time of the year is crazy busy and I am no exception my life has been bloody insane. But it doesn’t matter now since I am back and in a super amazing good and happy mood.

I wanted to talk about and share with you guys pretty much the most life changing book ever and it has definitely opened my eyes and helped me make changes in my life for the better. This is for any of the girls going through a crappy breakup and they need a little pick me up to get them through it.

My mum picked up this book called breakup’s and breakthroughs by Lisa Messenger.

The book takes you through all the honest stages of a breakup, which definitely includes not denying yourself the emotional release aka crying your eyes out until you have no tears left. Which definitely helps get all the emotions of a breakup out of your system. Additionally, if you are going through a pretty recent breakup it is extremely beneficial to get yourself out of bed and if you can out of the house. And as Lisa puts it even if it is just for one hour and then you go right back to bed to hibernate it will definitely make all the difference.

Another amazing which I think would help anyone going through a difficult breakup would definitely be to let go of the anger and disdain you may feel towards someone. This completely helped me as the more anger I felt towards this specific person. Just the more it consumed my days in terms of thinking about them constantly and checking their facebook and overall just really hurting your own happiness but simply just not letting go. And letting go is honestly the most helpful thing you can do for yourself.

More importantly during a breakup make sure that you really take the time to look after yourself, spend that little extra on your skincare this month to pamper yourself a little before bed. Go spend that extra spending money on going to get your nails done. Because when you do these things you will be surprised at how much better little by little you will feel.

What I wish for everyone to get from this is, to not deny yourself happiness!!!!!


Carly xoxo 🙂




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