Learning New Things :)

Hey Guys,

This blog post may be a little less creative but I also think it might be well worth sharing, it is I guess just talking about my day and life (which may seem a little boring), but I promise it isn’t (or at least I hope). Today was one of those days where I guess when you are going through a bit of a difficult time and pretty much any little bad thing that happens, makes you go and think of basically every bad thing that has happened recently.

So I think the biggest lesson of all that I have learnt today is that venting is necessary and sometimes you just have to force yourself into positivity. Basically it was just a little bit of a bad day at work with the boss, which can become extremely frustrating. Because as I have touched on before I am quite the stress-head and when one thing goes wrong especially in a workplace it just makes me think.

“Omg am I going to get fired?” or

“They probably think I am such an idiot now.”

Yes these all do go through my head quite a bit. And I recently went through a bad breakup and so of course as my brain is unfortunately naturally wired, that when the things with the boss goes wrong of course I just think about the breakup. Because why not add salt to my cuts?

But, good things do happen from maybe not the greatest days in the world, and this is, that it makes me put into practice what I am forever telling myself to do, but simply never put into action. That is, I follow the 5 by 5 rule and that is, if it is not going to matter in 5 years then do not spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it. I think in one day a million good things can happen and then as soon as one bad thing happens that has ruined your day and dictates the mood of your day, since that is how your brain is naturally wired. But I think in the more modern times it is much better to try and say little things to yourself that can make you think a little more positively. Because girl trust me this world does need more of it.

Another thing, that I really love to do when I am not feeling amazing is just write down as many positive things about my day as possible, therefore this can just train or I guess trick your brain into thinking just more content and happy about your day. And the last thing I love to do is to just keep smiling, because smiling can also trick your brain into thinking a lot happier. Of course if you have anymore tips in terms of creating a much happier mind feel free to share them below.

I promise tomorrow will be a happier and more creative post.


I really feel like I can’t have a post without pictures, so like I inserted a picture of myself hahah but I am smiling so I guess it is kind of relevant to this happiness post.

Carly xoxo 🙂



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